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AUSA Dumper

Multiple brands engaged in the construction industry collaborate with our company to get top-range machinery equipment for their operations. Our team at Kanoo Machinery offers a wide range of products and tools from top-quality manufacturers like AUSA Saudi Arabia, for operational improvement, safety and faster performance.

The companies to whom have catered, have seen great success with their projects. We thoroughly check and supply top-of-the-range products to our clients, prioritizing both their benefits and safety. AUSA products like dumpers, telehandlers, and forklifts are some of the best quality choices you can avail of from our company.

Why Use AUSA Saudi Arabia Equipment Options?

AUSA is one of the leading providers of top-grade machine equipment and solutions with a high-performance guarantee. This manufacturing company from Iberia provides a wide range of road maintenance and construction-related industry vehicles that can move large amounts of materials safely and efficiently.

AUSA produces over 10,000 vehicles each year and caters to many clients globally, especially with supply management support. Products like the AUSA Dumper Saudi Arabia are designed and built with advanced techniques and high-grade materials for reliable operational improvement.

Industries for AUSA dumper Saudi Arabia Usage

Our company caters to different types of clients who specialize in multiple industries globally.

  • Infrastructure management for tunnels, roads, bridges, and dams
  • Construction
  • Mining industry

Common types of dumpers companies invest in

Companies investing in different ranges of AUSA Dumper Saudi Arabia look for specific types of dumpers or dump trucks.

High Skip Dumpers

  • The weight of these vehicles is below 1 ton.
  • They load the material in the skip and dump them at 1.85 m height (approximately).
  • Best for limited space usage.

Heavy Duty Front Tip Dumpers

  • The dumper part is attached to the front portion of the vehicle.
  • This is fitting in the bigger project sites.

High Swivel Skip Dumpers

  • It operates in a similar design as high skip dumpers, but with a swivel mechanism.
  • The vehicle swivels and drops the material at a 180° radius.
  • Comes in multiple sizes.

Tracked Dumpers

  • These vehicles have high-quality operational control and traction.
  • The areas best for these dumpers are wet and muddy locations where the regular wheel dumpers cannot enter.

Operation of Dumpers

  • These vehicles are useful for transporting large amounts of material in worksites, commonly useful in mining and construction.
  • The structure includes a large box-shaped body with an open jump attached to a driver seat.
  • Operators tip the jump with the material load through the integrated controller system.
  • The machines run on diesel engines in most models and have wheels for movement.

Types of Products Available Under AUSA Dumper Saudi Arabia

Most of the Articulated Dumpers have a high unloading system and a hydrostatic transmission feature.

  • D100AHA
  • D100AHA Compact
  • D150AHA
  • D120AHA

Options with a rotating unloading system include:

  • D100AHG
  • D120AHG
  • D150AHG
  • D300AHG
  • D450AHG
  • D350AHG
  • D601AHG
  • DR601AHG
  • DR1001AHG

The following are the models with a rotating unloading system but a torque converter transmission.

  • D601APG
  • D1001APG

Rigid Dumpers mainly includes two varieties when it comes to transmission- hydrostatic and mechanical. The former group has:

  • D201RHS (Frontal unloading system)
  • D201RHGS (Rotating unloading system)

The mechanical transmission-based options cover:

  • D150RM, D175 RMS (Frontal unloading system)
  • D150RMA (High unloading system)

Planning to invest in high-range equipment at your construction sites? Talk to us and we will readily contribute our support and resources to you, at reasonable costs and with additional maintenance benefits!