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Pramac Dealer in KSA

For the best power generation ability and operational improvement, investing in top-of-the-range generators and equipment is essential for companies. In this context, Pramac solutions is the most efficient option to invest in. Kanoo Machinery is one of the best Pramac dealers in KSA due to the different levels and types of components that we develop, improve and distribute.

Our team of experts in the field have previously contributed many solutions and tools to clients from varying industries. They have experienced high levels of success with services in their system operations and productivity. If you are looking for a range of products and technology for your company needs, do reach out to us.

What are the best generators from Pramac?

The company of Pramac offers different types of energy-efficient pieces of equipment that run on high-powered energy sources and ensure efficiency and high level of safety. One of the equipment that our Pramac generator Saudi Arabia branch stocks and distributes is the Pramac Powerknight 8-20 kVA generators - having propane and natural gas power resources.

These solutions link to the power supply directly; operators can stop fussing over constant refuelling needs. Also, these pieces of equipment run on True Power™ technology that ensures high-quality effect and power generation, with a 5% or less Total Armonic Distortion feature.

Types of solutions from Pramac that we offer

Pramac delivers different types of solutions that our company supplies to the users in top-condition. Some of the benefits you will notice while using Pramac-based services are explained hereafter.

Air/oil/water cooling power generation
  • A lot of generators we deliver to our clients run on efficient power supplies like diesel, liquid propane and petrol.
  • We deliver portable generators for outdoors and indoor applications that have lightweight capacity but versatile operations, albeit temporary.
  • Our company also supplies stationary heavy-duty power generators with a bigger power range (10 - 77kVA capacity), automatic voltage regulator, and IP54 electronic protection.
  • The high-power solutions of Pramac can extend to 815 - 3,600 kVA capacity depending on the system type- canopy, open, or container version.
Portable towers and lighting globes
  • The portable lighting globes with 4.2m height can produce lamp power to 3,000 m² and 4kW capacity.
  • LSW towers vary in range and can extend their illumination radius to 4,000 m². They come with metal halide light attachments that have 4W – 1kW capacity.
  • The lighting solutions are useful for outdoor usage, like disaster or emergency relief and construction tasks on roads or bridges.
Renewable energy generation with custom generators
  • You can avail of the Pramac customized generators for specific applications with the 3Mwe solution. They can have high, medium, or low-voltage output levels.
Electric, semi-electric, manual lifting equipment
  • Get stackers and pallet trucks made of Pramac from our team, with heavy to light load capacity variations.
  • Our company works as Pramac dealers in KSA to provide manual-powered hand pallet trucks and other related equipment types with height-adjustable platforms and high lifters.
  • Get semi-electric stackers and electric pallet trucks with advanced technology and high load capacity levels.

Interested in using the best quality equipment for various operations like storage management, light support, and power generation? Rely on the best solutions of Pramac that are available at cost-effective rates. For any additional information, contact us anytime!

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