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Snorkel Articulated Boom Lift Saudi Arabia

Kanoo Machinery provides aerial work platforms to various industries, with a wide selection of lifts from some of the world's most renowned manufacturers. Snorkel produces a high-quality, unique articulating boom lift in Saudi Arabia for various working-at-height operations ranging from 2 to 40 meters. With Snorkel, we provide the most convenient and enjoyable customer service experience possible.

Boom Lifts

Snorkel boom lifts are ideal for securely lifting people to operate at heights. It's simple: excellent mobility makes it simple to reach locations with limited access. A Snorkel articulated boom lift in Saudi Arabia provides you with a large operating area. Precision operation is provided via up-and-over capabilities and smooth, proportional controls. For effective operation at height, the Snorkel series of boom lifts combines power and accuracy.

Articulated Boom Lifts

Snorkel articulated diesel booms offer excellent operating envelopes, as well as power and precision, enabling complete height versatility. Multiple parts of an articulated boom lift may articulate at different angles, allowing the operator to reach over and above obstructions. Compared to telescopic boom lifts, an articulating boom lift in Saudi Arabia provides greater versatility since they can safely and effectively reach out to complicated and limited locations. Both diesel and electric power sources are available for articulated boom lifts.

Snorkel Articulated Boom Lift


The Snorkel A46JRT articulating boom lift is the best in its class, with accurate reach and rough solid terrain performance. With an articulated jib as a standard for more extended reach, its up-and-over capabilities enable outstanding agility.


The Snorkel AB60J articulating boom lift is rugged and dependable, effortlessly reaching up and over obstacles. The lift is ideal for maintenance and construction purposes, and it performs well on all job sites.


On all terrains, the Snorkel AB80J is a high-performing diesel articulated boom lift. Excellent up-and-over capabilities, as well as a jib boom for accurate reach.


The AB85J articulated boom lift by Snorkel is the company's most significant model. It comes with a jib boom that rotates 140 degrees side to side, giving it the most significant possible operating area. On every surface, proportional controls paired with strong 4-wheel drive offers smooth performance.


The electric version of the A46JRT articulating boom lift, the A46JRT uses lithium-ion batteries to provide quiet operation and clean performance. This all-electric variant has the same rugged terrain capabilities as the gas-powered counterpart.


The Snorkel 600AJN electric boom lift has a double articulated boom. This machine has a distinctive compact design for minor use and a novel pivot steering mode for exceptional agility.

An articulating boom lift in Saudi Arabia is a perfect machine for the task if you need to reach above or under numerous barriers while working at height. Construction and industrial enterprises generally use diesel-powered articulated boom lifts because they can readily move about on rugged terrain while maintaining a high level of stability. The Snorkel articulated boom lift in Saudi Arabia is perfect for tight areas and complex terrain activities.