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XCMG Product Line

Kanoo Machinery provides the complete range of products from XCMG and solutions that cater to the widest variety of applications.

Products range from

  • Skid-steer loader
  • Excavatory
  • Backhoe Loader

Products - Download Brochures

XCMG - Skid-steer loader

With strong power and rich attachments, the XCMG skid-steer loader can better adapt to the opera- tions... Download Brochure

XCMG - Excavator

XE215C, featuring high efficiency and energy conservation, is mainly used for earth workin g conditions... Download Brochure

XCMG - Backhoe Loader

XC870K/XC870HK is a K series backhoe loader newly launched by XCMG. This product is upgraded on the basis... Download Brochure
XCMG Backhoe Loader

Companies in manufacturing and construction businesses require the support of top-grade equipment and tools to manage their services and operations. Our company, Kanoo Machinery, focuses on supplying the right solutions to all of our clients. We have worked with several top-level and medium-sized companies over the years, delivering them with a wide set of machinery for their ventures.

XCMG Skid Steer Loader Saudi Arabia

Companies in the construction and manufacturing industry require advanced machinery and equipment that can carry out the hardcore tasks with minimal errors, higher efficiency rate, and top-notch safety. One of the main solutions we offer for this is the XCMG Skid Steer Loader Saudi Arabia. The equipment is highly efficient and necessary for different construction-centric tasks and has high demand in different markets.

XCMG Excavator Saudi Arabia

Kanoo Machinery is a leading supplier of top-range equipment to companies at different levels and types of industrial markets. With our partnership with the Chinese manufacturing enterprise, XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. Ltd), our team currently supplies a wide range of industry-level machine components to various companies.

Compact Skid Steer Loaders in Saudi Arabia

The heavy-duty industry relies a lot on machinery and equipment. They are the pioneers in driving the industry towards better precision and speed. These enormous industries not only help create wonderful architectural designs, manufactured goods, and mining, but they also form the backbone of civilization in the modern days.

Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment in Saudi Arabia

In heavyweight industries, one of the most important aspects is making space for construction activities. Be it the construction of the industrial buildings, setting up Underground construction work, or the manufacturing or the agricultural industry, it always starts with making space for the same.

Backhoe Excavator in Saudi Arabia | Compact Excavator in Saudi Arabia

One of the most useful components of machinery used in the heavyweight construction and manufacturing industries is the Backhoe excavator or the compact excavator. The heavyweight industry is all about the creation of humongous products or the construction of large architectural wonders. In construction sites, having the area to start is a crucial first step. The work area needs to adhere to the requirements, the spaces need to be dug out, and there needs to be a befitting situation to create the wonders and have the perfect base that doesn't let the construction get damaged or get ruined prematurely.