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Kanoo Machinery Compact Construction Equipment division are pleased to offer compact construction equipment such as skid steer loaders, compact tracked loaders, Telehandlers, Backhoe Loaders and attachments from BOBCAT, EUROPE and Compressors both mobile & stationary from SULLAIR, USA.

We have dedicated team of sales, parts, service & technical personnel who can confidently offer solutions for all applications. We offer ready stock availability of all the above equipment & associated attachments / accessories from our warehouses conveniently located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, in Dubai and from all other Emirates in UAE.


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Construction Equipment - Bobcat


Bobcat Company leads the industry in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of compact equipment for construction, rental, landscaping, agriculture, grounds maintenance, government, utility, industry and mining. Read More


Sullair has been on the leading edge of compressed air solutions. Sullair a part of the Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. compressor portfolio and the machines are famous all over the world for their legendary durability. Read More

Skid Steer Loader

Skid Steer Loader Supplier in UAE

When it comes to any kind of heavy machinery, you need a reliable supplier to provide you with the best in class products.

A part of the Kanoo industrial & energy division, Kanoo Machinery is the leading supplier of Skid Steer Loaders across the UAE. We can provide skid steer loaders for all kinds of applications and in all shapes and sizes.

The skid steer loaders provided by us are extremely versatile, having great manoeuvrability and lifting capacity. Not only are they extremely efficient in their work but are also the safest and come at the most economical prices you can find in the UAE.

Being the leading Skid Steer Loader Dealer in UAE, we make sure that all the machines provided by us stand true to the industry standards and bear all the necessary safety and regulatory certificates.

Through our smart engineering solutions, we always aim to provide the best possible equipment to you. In case you have any queries, you can contact us at +971-56-547-9222

Where are Kanoo Machinery’s Skid Steer Loaders used?

One of the popular applications of a skid steer loader is as an alternative for a large excavator. The loader can function as an excavator by digging a hole from the inside. Such use is particularly found while digging the basement under an existing house. Also, its smaller frame makes it easier to manoeuvre than a conventional excavator.

Besides this, the machine can also be used for transporting raw material to and from a job site, along with assisting in the rough grading process.

More information about a skid steer loader

A skid steer loader (also known as a skid loader or a skid steer) is a small, sturdy machine having lifting arms that can be used for holding or lifting equipment.

These are generally four-wheeled machines with the wheels having a fixed straight alignment on the body. The machine contains a differential steering mechanism. This means that the left and right pair of wheels operate at different speeds, and the machine thus moves by the skidding motion.

While this “skidding” can be harmful to some machines, a skid steer loader can actually handle the torsional forces pretty well, thanks to its rigid frame and strong bearings. The skid steer loaders, when applied on normal roads, can damage the tarmac. Hence, they have to be converted into low ground vehicles for safe and sound functioning.

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Why are Bobcat Compact track Loaders gaining popularity?

Looking at some indigenous inventions of the past decade it seems that Compact Track Loaders lead the way. These versatile machines offer more pushing and lifting power than a mini track loader and deliver improved productivity in a range of terrains including muddy or sandy conditions.

Nowadays compact track loaders account for nearly 20 percent of all financed equipment in several units, according to Equipment Data Associates (EDA). The features of compact track loaders include powerful pushing, digging and lifting performance without causing noise and disruption to the ground.

Here are some high-demand features of Bobcat compact track loaders in the UAE.

Better Maneuverability

Bobcat Compact track loaders are essentially skid steer loaders with high-flotation rubber tracks that operate smoothly on diverse terrains including wet terrains where more traction is required. Engineered with a unique balance of torque and tractive effort they provide better pushing power and maneuverability.

Bobcat Skid steers are great on harder surfaces like concrete and asphalt, especially with hard tires. Track loaders on the other hand can operate on uneven, muddy, sandy and snowy terrain with better traction and breakout force. Rocky conditions are much tougher on Skid Steer track loaders and may damage the tires with the risk of being cut by sharp objects.

Multiple Attachments

From augers and grapples to rotary cutters and hydraulic breakers, multiple attachments equip the compact track loader. These attachments strategically expand your project and provide a power boost for the varying needs of your project at different job sites. For example, a dozer blade or box blade can be used for grading projects or a hydraulic breaker can be used to remove asphalt or concrete on a construction site.

Cost of Ownership

Compact track loaders can last about twice as long compared to skid-steer loaders if the proper operation is followed.

  • ● To minimize operation costs, consider replacing your tires after they have been driven on concrete or asphalt surfaces & need to perform tasks on dirt.
  • ● Sharp turns may shorten the rubber track life and damage established surfaces like lawns.
  • ● Maintaining your track loader can save on expensive repairs and unplanned downtime by greasing the loader and checking the hydraulic oil site gauge from time to time.
  • ● You can save on fuel by turning off the machines or lowering the engine throttle when they are not working.

Powerful Lifting Abilities

Track loaders offer performance features that maximise your everyday work and increase lifting capabilities for more challenging jobs. To match the level of lifting, manufacturers usually offer two designs - a vertical lift path and a radius lift path. A radius lift path loader raises the load in an arc and is used for dumping material over a wall, backfilling or unloading flatbed trucks while vertical lift paths aid in performing jobs that require repeated lifting at taller heights.

Kanoo Machinery brings you expertise in equipment with a wide line up of Bobcat compact track loader dealers in the UAE. Discover more at Contact us at our toll free number: 800 56100 and whatsapp us at : +971 56 547 9222.

Why choose a telehandler?

Telehandler short for a telescopic handler, is a versatile machine that is often used in construction, farming and agriculture sectors. These units are equipped with a telescopic boom to perform tasks like changing attachments and providing lifting functions just like a forklift or a crane.

Why select one?

● Heavy lifting

While forklifts lift at a one dimensional angle, telehandlers can do the heavy lifting while moving diagonally enabling them to transport equipment better than a standard forklift. They can easily get into tight spaces and extend at odd angles making them the ideal choice for handling materials in narrow areas.

  • ● Versatility

A quick hitch mechanism is what makes the telehandler a multi-use machine. It has a wide range of engineered attachments that can be removed and interchanged to the end of the boom. The array of attachments also makes it a cost-effective solution doing away with the need to hire additional capital equipment like cranes and elevated work platforms.

Kinds of telehandler attachments

  1. 1. Forklift carriages assist with lifting a bunch of loads including pallets, timber, piping etc.
  2. 2. Crane Jibs turn the telehandler into a modified crane to scoop loose building materials like liquids, sand or substances that are prone to falling over and can be placed in a bucket and lifted with a crane jib.
  3. 3. Scoop and bucket attachments is a fitting that is usually attached to the crane jib to load goods
  4. 4. Work cage or platform is built for workers to safely lift them to a higher platform for detailed jobs.

  • ● Increased Safety

As the telehandler replaces manual labour, employees reduce the chances of injuring themselves or being burnt out through repetitive manual lifting. The training & qualification required to operate on-site telehandlers must be taken seriously to ensure maximum safety. Operators need to hold a license to use the unit safely. It is also important to ensure that the telehandler is not pushed beyond its specified lifting capacity and heights or else it can cause product failure, damage and even workplace fatality.

If you need an efficient way to move materials around your jobsite quickly, opt for a telehandler that works in outdoor and rough-terrain conditions. Kanoo Machinery is a leading solutions provider for telehandler dealers in the UAE while also providing service & rental of various equipment such as Materials Handling, Welding, Construction, Engines & Power Generation, Mobile Cranes, Compressors, Aerial Work Platforms, Cleaning, Agricultural, other Industrial equipment and services ranging from sustainable solutions, through smart engineering and value-added services.

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Backhoe Loader Dealer in the UAE

As one of the leading Backhoe loader distributors in the UAE, Kanoo Machinery offers a series of variations for greater precision for paving tasks:

● Industry exclusive power boost

At the push of a button, this type of backhoe handlers provide a surge of power that can quickly break through obstacles in tough or frozen ground.

● Power lift

When activated, additional hydraulic power is channeled to a blackhoe it gives it the strength to steadily lift in construction industries and delivers precision while craning with its sophisticated yet simple design.

● Responsive power drive

To meet the demands of changing environments, the responsive power drive permits greater acceleration, smoother shifting, improved fuel economy and better responsiveness to get your backhoe handler to perform faster work at various job sites.

● Procontrol precision

When going down into a trench or swinging the backhoe from side to side, the procontrol swing dampening system stops the boom when and where you require it to without wiggling or rebound movements.

● Time-saving comfort steer

If you need work to be done in a stockyard, in which transient cattle are kept temporarily, the comfort steer backhoe provides a viable option to move fully from right to left without lock-to-lock rotations. It helps load, and stockpile safely and considerably more efficiently.

Kanoo Machinery is a B2B solutions provider that manages business for several Backhoe loader dealers in the UAE for superior digging, black-filling, trenching and material handling capability. To understand more about Kanoo as a Backhoe loader distributor in UAE, visit our website today.

More information about the Bobcat Backhoe Loader - The swiss army knife of heavy equipment

The invention of the backhoe traces back to 1947 and has been modified into different designs since then. Backhoe loader suppliers in the UAE are involved in multiple projects with construction crews to dig ditches, lay pipes for underground cables and set foundations for buildings and construct drainage systems.

This excavating equipment that has a bucket attached at the end of a two part articulated arm. It is mounted usually on the back end of a tractor and called blackhoe because of its digging motion which in a backward direction as opposed to the way one would shovel a ground.

It’s relatively small frame makes them useful in urban engineering in construction sites located in areas too restricted for larger equipment. In recent times, small compact loaders have gained popularity with private homeowners and are sold in a backhoe loader setup. These offer the ability to perform minor excavation projects.

Each piece of equipment in a backhoe loader is suited to a particular sort of work. On a typical construction site, the backhoe operator usually uses all of its components like the boom, the stick and the bucket to get the job done. The main reason we see backhoes at work all the time is that digging and moving dirt is a big part of a lot of different projects.

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The top 5 Bobcat attachments for your construction needs in Dubai

Changing attachments quickly and efficiently is important to keeping a job on time and task. On a typical day at a job site, you are encountered with everything from pulling stumps to levelling foundations and excavating in stunted spaces. To transition between different roles on the job, attachments can help your crew be versatile without having to get another machine on site. As a leading attachment supplier in the UAE, we narrowed down the top 5 attachments that are proven leaders to help you get more done in less time.

1. Tilt Rotator

One of the best attachments that deliver fast and better results for customers is the Tilt Rotator. This equipment allows you to move easily in narrow spaces and change tools with ease especially while excavating for water supplies and drains that are in restricted spaces.

2. Grade control systems

Another extremely useful technology for your construction machines is grading systems. As a versatile system, they can be used on a range of equipment like excavators, compactors, milling machines, trimmers, pavers and more. With a 2D or 3D software application installed inside the cab, this system gives operators unparalleled control over paving applications and excavators.

3. Regular tilt bucket for excavators

A huge upgrade from a standard bucket, tilt buckets grade offers a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for work from ditching and grading to backfilling and light material loading. Its pivotal rotation enables angling of the bucket to help constructors achieve the grade they are looking for.

4. Powerbox rake for skid steer loaders

Designed for clearing and preparing the soil in landscape finishing applications, the Power Box Rake is another handy attachment for skid steers. They are serviceable for resurfacing lawns, tearing out the old grass and levelling gravel driveways.

5. Box blade attachments for skid steer loaders

This attachments speciality is in the arena of grading and levelling. Each model is designed to operate both manually and automatically with the use of laser or GPS grading systems. It’s great for new operators who need a simple yet versatile attachment to smoothen out material.

Construction attachments allows you to open up to new types of work in different seasons and terrains. Kanoo Machinery helps you keep things moving on your job site with a centralised place for all your forklift attachment needs, your one stop attachment supplier in UAE . Check out their site at Contact us at our toll free number: 800 56100 and whatsapp us at : +971 56 547 9222.

Mini Excavator Supplier in UAE

When and how to use a mini excavator?

Similar to an excavator, a mini excavator is a tracked or wheeled vehicle that can get around on crowded sites easily and can also be easily transported from one site to another. Its lighter and compact machine design offers the benefit of excavating in rigid spaces without top ground damage and track marks. You can also add some attachments to mini excavators to improve their versatility.

When can mini excavators be put to best use?

This versatile machine showcases its capabilities in a slew of different tasks and can be fitted with a myriad of attachments that can be rented on a per-project basis from mini excavator dealers in the UAE. The following examples highlight some construction jobs that are ideal for using a mini excavator.

Repairing Sewer Lines

Mini excavators are a better option for basic sewer line repair jobs and can get into narrow spaces more easily than a standard excavator. The only thing that needs to be assessed is the digging depth of the sewer line to make sure it stays within reach of this tool

Installing pools and hot tubs

Inground pools or custom-designed ones in sports clubs and private residential facilities require a compact excavator to dig and move away dirt from your site. Mini excavators help level out and navigate a backyard that may not fit a larger earth moving equipment.

Plowing Sand

City workers often need to clear roads covered with sand in Dubai and mini excavators can help clear sand conveniently using a special blade attachment. The compact size helps these machines to get around sandy terrains to clear and build safer roads.

Demolishing Small Structures

Many site jobs call for the demolition of small structures such as sheds. Mini excavators fit the purpose well as they can fit into tight spaces and through gates. Hand-powered tools are substitutes for this machine but they take a lot more time to finish the job. You can choose from a range of the latest compact excavators in different weights from mini excavator suppliers in the UAE.

Digging Holes

The mini excavator proves to be the perfect digging machine for backfilling projects like planting holes for trees, digging for road signs, underground tunnels and drainage ditches. A mini excavator's ability to get into tough-to-reach spots and can drill deep into concrete or soil.

How to use a mini excavator?

It is important to follow the below steps to operate an excavator the right way.

● Select a Trained Operator

Workers need to have an in-depth understanding of how to operate compact excavators before using them. The operators need to gain experience in manoeuvring the cab and handling the boom and fit other attachments like trenching buckets, grading buckets, and rippers.

● Read the Excavator Operation Manual

When renting a mini excavator, always ensure you get the manufacturer’s instruction manual. The guide contains detailed steps on using the controls and warnings to watch out for in case of an emergency. The engine lubricant information along with coolant levels that are optimum for the machine are all mentioned to maintain this powerful tool.

● Prepare the job site

The first step in any construction project is job site preparation. Usually, this involves clearing trees in a forestry project or levelling the soil and removing debris and vegetation undergrowth from the site. This gives a safer space to build upon.

● Test the Machine

After reading through the instructions, operators can use the excavator to test the machine. Even though mini excavators don’t move at high speed, the seat belt protects the operator in case of the machine overturning. The ideal testing location is an open area with a stable surface. Getting a hang of its unique uses will help the driver rotate efficiently and see how the controls respond to the inputs. Even though mini excavators are quite stable, a level surface helps reduce the risk of overturning the machine for new users.

As a leading mini excavator distributor in the UAE, Kanoo Machinery offers a comprehensive range of comprehensive services in the industrial and energy division with over 130 years of experience meeting the stringent expectations of several clients in Dubai.

Choose us to be your mini excavator dealer in UAE today to experience our international standards and high quality customer service. Contact us at our toll free number: 800 56100 and whatsapp us at : +971 56 547 9222.