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Revolutionizing Agriculture with Kanoo Agricultural Machinery

Kanoo Machinery is proud to be the distributor for International Agricultural brands such as Massey Ferguson and Sitrex, for agriculture equipments and implements.

From ruggedly simple to advanced machinery, Kanoo machinery continues to offer agricultural machinery that is of the latest in technology with high-quality specifications.

It is said to be a force in the global agricultural market when regarding its practicality and dependability, and that is true customer value.

In addition to the high-quality products that keep up-to-date with the changing trends and technological advancements, Kanoo also offers sales and after-sales support services that are equipped to give expert advice to customers on machine handling and upkeep as well as ways to optimize benefits.

Being an exclusive dealer for brands like Massey Ferguson in the Middle East from AGCO, Kanoo offers genuine accessories and options, designed and made to deliver quality and durability, no matter the environment.

“Kanoo Machinery is proud to be one of the catalysts in promoting agri-tech innovations with equipment that are very reliable, have very good cost-benefit, great mechanical structure and high-durability engines, that aids in the development of agri trade business in the UAE and the region," - Abdul Tausif Butt, Kanoo Machinery Regional Manager (AgraME 2018).

Though we at Kanoo offer numerous options for agricultural equipment of varying models, styles, and sizes, here are some of the most commonly used farm machinery provided by us:

1. Tractors:

The primary purpose of an agriculture tractor is to pull farm equipment but nowadays tractors are fitted with variety of attachments and in different sizes to fulfill any farming need making it a very important addition to the farming fleet.

Some of the various types of tractors are Compact tractors, Wheeled Tractors, Track tractors, Orchard tractors, and more.

2. Combine or Harvester:

This farm equipment is used to turn cereal crops into grain by following three steps: Reaping, Threshing, and Winnowing. Even small-scale grain farmers can benefit greatly from it.

Modern combines can also track yield data, showing which areas did well, and which did not so that these issues can be addressed the following year.

3. ATV or UTV:

These smaller 4-wheeled vehicles can drive over rough terrain better than common road vehicles and faster than tractors. They also have several types of attachments that include trailers, spreaders, and mowers.

Apart from these main types of farm equipment, tractor attachments are also crucial when building an agricultural fleet. These attachments add a new level of functionality and can range from soil management equipment to seeding. Some attachments are Plows, Harrows, Fertilizer spreaders, seeders, balers, rakes, mowers, and many more.

In addition to the list of farm equipment mentioned above, we offer many more from various world-renowned manufacturers of farm machinery.

Join us today and enjoy perfect solutions with our high-quality products and services.

Trust us at Kanoo Machinery to #ServeYouBetter.

Kanoo Machinery offers ready stock availability of welding equipment & consumables from warehouses conveniently located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, in Dubai, and from all other Emirates in UAE. Contact us at our toll free number: 800 56100 and whatsapp us at : +971 56 547 9222.


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