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Wire rope is extremely resilient and is perfect for outdoor areas due to the fact that its strength and length stay unchanged whether wet or dry. Wire rope comes in a variety of combinations, and materials. Our category contains 200+ stainless steel wire rope, galvanized wire rope, and bright wire rope in 6x19 and 6x37 forms.

Wire rope is often made up of wires, strands, and a helix (spiral) core. Steel wires are accurately shaped into a helix geometric design, a process known as "stranding." After that, strands are wrapped around the core to produce a process known as "closing."

Additionally, we carry steel cable, which is often referred to as cable railing or aviation cable. It is a wire rope with a smaller diameter, allowing for lighter-duty applications. Hence, if you are looking to buy wire rope in Dubai, UAE, and have a need for different varieties of steel rope, we can be your ideal choice.


We carry a large selection of wire rope solutions. Our in-house services include sling and rigging gear inspection, testing, and certification. Additionally, we offer on-site checking of rigging, Rolex replica slings, and rigging gear, as well as pickup and delivery. We can arrange for one of our seasoned sales representatives to visit your location and assist you in determining the best solution for your lifting needs. Additionally, we offer on-site training on proper trying to rig gear inspection.



Our technical sales teams collaborate with you to identify, create, and manufacture unique solutions for your project or application. We collaborate with you and take pleasure in developing a trusted and important component of your supply chain, adding value at every level.


We are here to personally advise you through the whole process; we interpret technical jargon, we provide recommendations based on our experience, and we are always available in person.


Our worldwide supply network consists of a diverse group of partners with whom we have established long-term partnerships; as a result, we are able to deliver quality-assured and completely traceable products across the world.

Select a Manufacturer of Wire Rope

Many individuals like to pull big goods with wire rope. There is also a valid cause for this. A wire rope is made up of several steel wires that are twisted together around a central core. This results in a strong, flexible rope that is capable of bending. Wire rope is available in a variety of configurations to suit a variety of uses.

We understand that wire rope is not the only tool your business requires while transporting things. Kanoo Machinery also sells wire rope accessories such as hooks, swivels, shackles, and cable cutters. These goods have been created to assist you in completing your task as effectively as possible. If you're in the market for a cable supply, look no further than our organization. We are an undistinguished supplier of Wire Rope in Dubai, UAE. Our customers thrive on a number of advantages, including the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to crushing
  • Corrosion resistance

Are you in need of wire rope accessories? Our category of rigging supplies includes hardware and accessories for tower cranes, dredging, excavating, hoists and winches, logging, and marine applications. If you're unsure of whatever you need or have questions, contact our product specialists who specialize in wire rope/rigging supplies for assistance.