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Kanoo Lubricants- Optimizing your business one bolt at a time

One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining machinery is to ensure that it is properly lubricated as this helps the machine to remain in optimal condition.

For lubricants to protect machine surfaces they can be applied upon separate machine parts with a film. This film could be a boundary film that is formed by additives in the lubricant or a fluid film that is formed by the lubricant itself.

In an industrial application, the main bases for the lubricants are mineral and synthetic.

Some of the benefits of lubrication are:

1. Reducing wear of moving parts.
2. Reducing friction between rotating parts and stationery ones.
3. Absorbing shock.
4. Reducing operating temperatures.
5. Minimising corrosion of metal surfaces.
6. Keeping contaminants out of the system.
7. Sealing and protecting components.

It is said that over 40% of all machine failures are due to the incorrect choice and application of lubricants. Choosing and using the right lubricant correctly can maximize the productivity of your machine.

We at Kanoo Machinery offer you high-quality lubrication options that are apt for your machines. Our team of experts, the vast network of suppliers, and full-service workshops will ensure that your machines are kept in prime condition with minimal downtime.

The lubricants that we offer can be broadly categorized into three types: Full Film, Boundary, and Mixed.

- A full film lubrication is a lubricating film that is thick enough to completely separate two surfaces. This type of lubrication protects surfaces most effectively and is the most popular choice.

- Boundary lubrication occurs when two surfaces are in contact in such a way that only the extreme pressure or anti-wear layer are protecting them. It uses a thin molecular film of lubricant between the sliding surfaces.

- Mixed Lubrication as the name suggests, is a mix between boundary and hydrodynamic lubrication. While most of the surface area is separated by a lubricating layer, the microscopic rough edges still make contact with each other and so additives would be needed.

Lubrication is the lifeblood of every production machine and a well-maintained lubrication system keeps machinery healthy. That means fewer breakdowns and stoppages.

By creating a lubrication management system with us at Kanoo Machinery, we can ensure that the best practices and the right management tools are being used to ensure that every machine gets the precise service that it needs.

What are the major types of lubricants used for machinery?

Several lubricants are used to ensure the machine parts can work efficiently without causing too much heat due to friction or mechanical wear. People usually get the lubricants they see in the market without wondering if ten types can meet their requirements or not. Keeping this in mind, we have briefly described the types in the below section.

  • Full film lubricant: These lubricants in the UAE are concerned with creating a film of separation between two machine parts sliding against each other. It offers a wide range of protection from friction, extending the machine's lifetime.
  • Boundary lubrication: It is usually between two machine parts in contact with each other where extreme pressure or wearing is involved.
  • Mixed lubricants: Here, the full-film lubricant part forms a thick layer between most parts of the mechanical components in contact. However, an additional boundary lubricant in the mix protects the rougher edges from coming in contact with each other.

Kanoo Machinery offers ready stock availability of welding equipment & consumables from warehouses conveniently located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, in Dubai, and from all other Emirates in UAE. Contact us at our toll free number: 800 56100 and whatsapp us at : +971 56 547 9222.

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