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Ausa R.T. forklifts, site dumpers & cleaning equipment

AUSA (SPAIN) Rough Terrain Forklifts, site Dumpers and cleaning equipment and they are designed for real rough terrain applications. We offer genuine AUSA spare parts with quicker delivery through our eight parts counters spread across UAE. Kanoo Machinery is the exclusive distributor for AUSA equipment we assure our customers complete reliability and durability of AUSA machines. Our team possess the knowledge and industrial know-how and they are trained to help maximize the uptime of AUSA equipment.


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Kanoo Machinery 4x4 Dumpers: Paving a path to success one haul at a time.

Kanoo Machinery takes pride in their partnerships that have lasted over several decades with renowned international equipment brands and in representing them in UAE and other GCC countries, such as AUSA, a manufacturer of Dumpers and Forklifts.

AUSA stands for robustness, safety, and versatility. No matter the terrain or environment, AUSA provides Dumpers for every situation and requirement.

Their products ensure a great return on investments through their high-quality performance, assurance of safety, and characteristics such as maneuverability, ergonomics, load capacity, and resistance.

AUSA’s dumper range offers a wide variety of equipment solutions such as a 4x4 Dumper with hydrostatic transmission, 4WD traction, and torque converter as well as numerous adaptable accessories.

The various dumpers provided by AUSA are as follows:

1. D 100 – 120 – 150 A: They are the smallest dumpers line and stand out due to their reduced dimensions. It is a machine that has unmatched maneuverability with the capacity to carry heavy loads. Due to its design, a low center of gravity is achieved, ensuring the safety of the driver and his surroundings.

2. D 300 – 350 – 450 A: This line of 4x4 Dumpers has great off-road capabilities. With a medium payload capacity, they are known for their robust chassis and great driving comfort.

3. D 601 A: This environmentally friendly dumper is equipped with ECO mode systems that switch off the engine when it's not in use which greatly improves fuel consumption while maintaining low CO2 emissions.

It’s a budget-friendly dumper with a 180-degree swing skip and a six-ton payload.

4. D 1001 A: This giant dumper has the highest payload capacity making it ideal for hefty jobs. This 4x4 dumper is unrivaled for transporting large amounts of material across any surface.

The digital screen and front camera add to the safety of the driver, making the job more relaxed and efficient.

5. DR 601 – 1001 A: The driving personnel can rotate their position 180 degrees while the whole machine including the joystick, cameras, steering wheel, etc adapts to the new position effortlessly. This provides for faster and safer execution of the tasks and so increases productivity.

Why choose AUSA through Kanoo Machinery as your solutions provider?

AUSA provides the best financial solutions tailored to you with personalized payment plans, leasing, renting, and more to help you attain your new machines quickly and easily.

They provide quick technical support through 500+ dealers across the world and their warranty for a period of 12 months or over 1,000 service hours and can be extended to up to 3 years.

AUSA’s official dealers make sure you receive original spare parts that are of the same top quality as the components used in manufacturing it.

Choose AUSA through Kanoo Machinery today, because we deliver the best, now and always.

Kanoo Machinery offers ready stock availability of welding equipment & consumables from warehouses conveniently located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, in Dubai, and from all other Emirates in UAE. Contact us on our toll free number : 800 56100 and whatsapp +971 56 547 9222.