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Perkins parts - Original Generator Spare Parts

The use of genuine and original Perkins® parts ensures your engines are operating at the best possible performance and efficiency. Original parts give you the best value for money as it helps maintain the longevity of your engine whilst retaining the warranty. We supply authentic and original products exclusively from Perkins®. All parts come with a 12-month warranty and are designed to fit perfectly thereby ensuring great engine performance and life.

Risks of buying non-genuine parts
  • Increased component wear and failure
  • Reduced engine performance
  • Damage to engine life

So when customers buy genuine Perkins parts, they can be confident that the component they are buying is the right one for the job, is reliable and durable, and has been designed and manufactured to the original specification.

If the part you buy is just a copy of one of Perkins parts, you have no guarantee that it will be able to do the job of the original component.

Kanoo exclusively distributes Perkins® parts in the UAE

Perkins genuine parts are built to meet massive challenges – every day

Why use genuine parts? Well, whenever you fire up one of Perkins engines, you are putting hundreds of individual components through incredible stress.

The engines keep running reliably for years because of the quality of the original parts. The reason they have such a reputation for quality and durability is that each Perkins engine, and each of its components, has been through a full and incredibly rigorous development process. So each component will have been tested separately and as part of the engine for thousands of hours before it reaches you.

Parts and Accessories


Replacing your Perkins filters needs to be part of your maintenance regime.

Filters really are your engine’s first line of defence, protecting parts by keeping out unwanted debris. Any material not caught by a filter can potentially damage the engine and, at the very least, compromise its efficiency.

Using non-genuine filters may initially seem more economical. However, as little as a 3% higher fuel consumption through injector wear, or costly turbocharger repairs and downtime, will soon outweigh the savings.

Oil filters

The oil filter plays a vital role in ensuring that the lubricants circulating around your engine and its allied parts are as clean as possible. The consequences of contaminated oil include wear on the engine caused by foreign bodies, which could lead to premature engine failure or major engine damage

Your engine will only work at its best if it’s sufficiently lubricated – and every moving part within it will come into contact with the engine oil.

Fuel filters

The fuel filter ensures that the fuel entering the chamber is as clean as possible. The main role of a fuel filter is to prevent any unwanted materials from entering the fuel supply and it is a standard feature for all internal combustion engines.

The consequences of contaminated fuel include fuel injection pump failure, dirty and blocked nozzles, excessive smoke and reduced engine performance.

Go the distance with Perkins® Ecoplus filters

Perkins® Ecoplus filters are designed solely for Perkins engines, and built for long-lasting performance.

Perfected over 15 years of continuous development, our complete range of filters feature proprietary technology that safeguards your engine and extends the lifetime of your investment. Perkins Ecoplus filters use an ‘element based’ design, which means they are significantly better for the environment. With no metal can or centre tube to dispose of, they require less materials, minimise waste after use and can be easily and cheaply incinerated or recycled.

Air filter

The air filter ensures that the air entering the combustion chamber is as clean as possible. The consequences of contaminated air include wear on the engine caused by foreign bodies and a less efficient combustion process. Perkins air filters are covered with 12 months warranty

Perkins oil

Perkins diesel engine oil is a new custom formulation specially designed to meet the needs of our engines. It is the only oil recommended and approved by Perkins.

Whilst other oils are formulated to meet the minimum specification requirements, Perkins Engine Oil has been formulated specifically for the long operating life, and performance of Perkins engines.

Coolant is liquid engineering

Coolant is vital for the smooth operation and long life of every engine we produce. Using Perkins® Extended Life Coolant (ELC) extends the time needed between coolant changes and also maintains your warranty and protects your engine and cooling system

  • Supplied in 20 litre and 200 litre drums, and is premixed containing 50 percent ELC and 50 percent totally purified water.
  • ELC meets or exceeds ASTM D4985 standards for heavy duty, low silicate anti-freeze/coolants and ASTM D3306 for automotive applications, TMC RP-329 for extended service, ASTM D-6210 for fully formulated coolants and SAE J1034 for coolants.
  • Available in a variety of tread patterns suitable for different applications

ELC can cut your coolant costs by up to 50 percent. It’s good for your engine, pocket and peace of mind. So why choose any other coolant?

Complete engine management system

Everything you need to manage your engine, all in the palm of your hand. With service reminders and electronic service logs, quick links to your distributor and the ability to share engine data with your employees or technicians, the free Perkins® My Engine App reduces your paperwork and improves your productivity.

You can download – completely free of charge – from Google Play and the Apple App stores. To support the maintenance, service and repair of your engines, the app is available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.


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