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Welding Machine Rentals

Welding is the process of melting metals through heat and fusing the parts into one. It is a fabrication procedure that is suitable for thermoplastics and metals. For this welding procedure, we need some devices or methods to melt and join the metals together. Such devices are known as Welding Machines. Our company Kanoo Machinery offers a wide range of welding machines.

Our welding machines operate on diesel and electric currents. It offers an output range between 100 to 500 amps and 3kVA auxiliary power with an availability of 110/220v supply. If you want to hire a welding machine, contact our welding machine rental Dubai team for details.

We offer the best, efficient, and operational equipment rentals as well as lease solutions. Our products are based on an efficacious approach to the ‘one-stop shop’ model. We are capable of fulfilling the requirements of several industries with our rental and lease solutions.

What are Welding Machines?

Welding machines are electric devices with skid mounts that are efficient in joining thermoplastics or metals through coalescence. It produces ample heat to melt the parts of the metals and join them with the fitting segments. The market is brimming with varieties of welding machines. However, a single machine cannot meet all types of welding requirements.

We need different welding machines for completing multiple welding projects. Thus, it can be a high-cost investment for any industry. The best and most cost-effective way to use any machinery is by hiring them for rent. We offer the best equipment on rent and lease, just like the welding machine in Dubai, UAE.

Types of Welding Machines

While selecting a welding machine for your industry, you must be aware of the types of welding machines available in the market. As the welding machine rentals, we offer the following types of diesel and electric powered inverters, welders, and specialist welding equipment in UAE:

375 Amp Electric Tig Machine
  • Rugged design and fine finish.
  • Possess high power strength.
  • Accurate Dimensions.
  • Made from ultra-modern technologies and top-notch material.
400 Amp Diesel arc/ Welder/ Generator
  • Reliable and robust design.
  • Used for construction or industrial purposes.
  • Switches to high or low current according to the usage.
  • Made from semi-brush technology.
500 Amp Electrical Welding Machine
  • Robust design.
  • The machine consumes less power or current.
  • It supports noiseless operations.
  • Output current ranges between 40 to 500 amp.
500 Amp Diesel Industrial Welding Machine
  • The welding current lies between 400 to 500 amp.
  • Electric starter for flawless operations.
  • It also offers auxiliary power during welding.
  • Uses PWM control technology.
  • Supports adjustments in welding as per the projects.

Other additional machines include the welding machines that generate an output between 100 amps and 500 amps. These machines carry an auxiliary power of 3kVA.

If you want to hire or lease welding machines of unparalleled quality, your organization should consider hiring welding machine on rental in UAE from Kanoo Machinery.