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Welding Equipment & Consumables

Kanoo Machinery Welding Division is one of the biggest distributors for Lincoln Electric, USA welding products in the UAE and have been associated with Lincoln for the last four decades. Lincoln Electric is a market leader for welding equipment, consumables, gas equipment, cutting & automation.

Customers can also choose welding products from other leading welding manufacturers such as Hyundai Welding, South Korea (well known for Flux Cored wire consumables), FSH Welding Group (Selectarc), France welding consumables, New Induction Technology, Italy, Induction Heating Process, TBI Industries, Germany (MIG Guns, TIG Torches & Torch/ Guns consumables), Panasonic Welding Machines & Robots, Japan.

We have a dedicated team of sales, parts, service personnel, welding demonstrators & technical personnel who can confidently offer welding solutions for all applications. We offer ready stock availability of welding equipment & consumables from warehouses conveniently located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, in Dubai and from all other Emirates in UAE.


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Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric LogoThe Lincoln Electric Company was founded by John C. Lincoln in the year 1895 with a capital investment of $ 200. It is an American multinational and leading global manufacturer of welding products, arc welding equipment,
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Panasonic Welding
Panasonic LogoPanasonic Welding is a leading welding equipment and robot manufacturer in the world. As a leader in the welding industry, Panasonic Welding Systems Co. Ltd., offers total solutions in equipment,
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Hyundai Welding
Hyunadi Welding LogoFor four decades, Hyundai Welding has been supporting Korea's most successful industries through partnerships in the Automotive, Shipbuilding, Offshore, EPC, Power Generation, and Construction...
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Norton Abrasives
Norton - Saint Gobain LogoNorton Abrasives is the largest manufacturer and supplier of abrasives in the world. Its products can be used in commercial, household and automotive refinishing applications. The company was founded in 1885
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TBI Industries
TBI Industries LogoTBi Industries GmbH is a German manufacturer of high-quality welding accessories specialized on development and production of MIG/MAG and TIG torches for industrial use. A special focus is on torch technology and cleaning stations for robotic welding.
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New Induction Welding Technology
Panasonic LogoKanoo machinery is the official distributor of New Induction Technology. NIT has developed and sold a series of advantageous products also for the industrial sector embracing various branches where Induction heating can be a valid alternative
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Welding Equipment & Consumables

Our team can help you in choosing the appropriate welding machine in the UAE. It involves assisting and advising our clients in selecting the appropriate equipment for their particular application. It would be useless if you use faulty welding equipment, and it will also raise the danger of weld failure or cracking.

Kanoo Machinery is one of the leading providers of Welding cutting automation in the UAE. Lincoln Electric is a company that specializes in welding equipment. They provide a large selection of welding machines for various welding applications. Lincoln Electric also has a large inventory of replacement parts and accessories, making it the most popular welding equipment brand. Lincoln Electric offers the industry's most comprehensive line of welding equipment. Their welding equipment is specifically intended for use in sweltering and humid conditions. All welding and cutting equipment is tested at 50 degrees Celsius, even though the international standard IEC 60974-1 and corresponding American standards call for testing at 40 degrees Celsius.

Our Welding Machines costs in the UAE are among the most inexpensive on the market. So, whether you're looking for a welding machine or cutting equipment provider in the United Arab Emirates, Kanoo is the only name you need to know. We provide an extensive and comprehensive selection of Lincoln Electric Welding Machines! All of our pieces of equipment are of the highest quality. We work closely with our clients as authorized distributors of Lincoln Electric goods to guarantee that they receive the most satisfactory service possible. We provide extensive and small deliveries at your convenience, focusing on quality and flexibility.We are the top Welding Distributors in UAE and offer guidance and analysis to help you increase the effectiveness of your equipment and processes, thus increasing your company's production.

Kanoo Machinery is the top Welding Supplier in UAE. We also have a Lincoln welding machine authorized service center where skilled technicians repair and service used welding machines. Kanoo Machinery specializes in Lincoln welding machine repair and maintenance, ensuring the equipment's life.

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