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Why should you need articulated truck for your project?

Often you will find difficulties in maneuvering the regular forklifts or the dump trucks at the project site when the space is less and there are multiple twists and turns. Either you have to come out of the truck and clear the space to take the turn or carry the heavy loads using some other alternative option. This is because the usual forklifts or trucks cannot take sharp turns and twists owing to a fixed structure.

This is where the articulated truck is needed. Such a truck has a permanent or semi-permanent pivot joint that allows the vehicle to easily take sharp turns and twists. Although these are quite beneficial for areas with space crunch and multiple turns and twists, many people are still in a dilemma concerning the benefits. This is why we have shed light on the advantages of having articulated trucks and other load-bearing vehicles for your project. By the time you will be done reading the entire discussion, you will gain more knowledge on the proper use of articulated trucks.

Articulated Forklift

Can easily take the turns and twists

One of the major benefits of having articulated dump trucks is the ability of the vehicles to take sharp turns and twists without colliding with anything or making a larger arch while taking the turn. Therefore, the vehicles can easily maneuver through narrow spaces with ease. This will give you an added advantage since you won’t have to worry about getting off the truck and then clearing the space so that you can take the turn by keeping the arch much bigger.

Versatile applications

Most people are unaware that the ADT truck can be used for multiple applications. The first and foremost application is in dumping grounds. The articulated dump truck is often used at larger dumpsters to carry heavy loads from one place to another. You will also find some forklift trucks having an articulated or pivot joint that will help in maneuvering the vehicle around small spaces and take sharper twists and turns. Therefore, the vehicle is used in many real-time applications ensuring that everyone can benefit from this type of truck.

Articulated Forklift

Can bear heavy loads

From the articulated forklift to the dump trucks, the vehicles can easily haul a heavy load compared to the fixed trucks where no pivoted joint is present. Therefore, if you need to carry a heavy load at a time, it is better to go with the articular trucks even if they seem to be bulkier than the regular trucks. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about tire and wheel damage because these vehicles are usually reinforced with all-terrain wheels that can easily traverse over concrete surfaces, gravel, and rocky terrain, and so on. This is one of the major benefits of the articulated trucks that will help you carry all the heavy load transportation operations at the project site.


In this article, we have walked you through the benefits of having articulated trucks for your project. Owing to their robust and durable construction, they can last for a long time. plus, you can even carry a huge amount of load without wondering if the truck can haul it over the rougher and undulating terrains or not. Therefore, you should connect with the experts at Kanoo Machinery to know more about these articulated vehicles that are able to take the sharpest turns and twists.