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Safety practices for heavy-duty construction equipment operators

Several heavy-duty equipment units are used at the construction site. If proper safety is not maintained, accidents and fatalities will be there. However, most construction contractors usually pay little attention to safety tips, causing casualties and fatal injuries. Plus, it also reduces productivity and adversely impacts performance.

We have mentioned some safety practices that one needs to pay attention to while handling heavy-duty Hitachi construction machinery.

hitachi construction machinery

Avoiding blind spots

Whether the warehouse or the construction site is big enough, you must avoid moving into blind spots. The best way to do so is by maintaining clear communication with people on the ground about the presence of any considerable obstacle in close vicinity. Another way you can avoid the blind spot is by mapping a route around the site. The course should be mapped so that it does not intersect any area or location that might have obstacles.

Continuously check equipment

You will be trained to use the Hitachi equipment units and their Hitachi spare parts as an operator. As a result, you will be able to inspect the allotted equipment under your name daily to check whether there is any abnormality in its function. This will help you avoid long-term consequences, like vibrations, lack of shock absorption, automatic engine start, etc.

Report immediately for any concern

If you see any heavy-duty equipment functioning abnormally or the body vibrating at an unnatural speed, you should immediately report the concern. Delaying in reporting might cost you and others, especially if the equipment is a forklift, a loader crane, an aerial workstation, and so on. Once you report the abnormality in the machine, heavy equipment rental companies technicians will come to the spot and fix the issue so that the productivity of the construction project is not hampered due to some malfunctioning equipment units.

Do not leave the power on

It would help if you didn't leave the power on any equipment like Hitachi wheel loaders used at the construction site. If you do so, it can accidentally start operating, causing injuries to anyone present in close vicinity. Therefore, it is mandatory that you shut off the appliance's power the moment you unmount the equipment. Even when you are inside the cabin, operating the machinery but not going to use it for the next couple of minutes, turn off the power to aloud any fatality.

hitachi construction machinery

Abide by load limits

Last but not least, you have to abide by the rules of load limits. Every heavy-duty equipment unit or Hitachi construction equipment especially the ones related to carrying specific loads has a maximum limit. Failure to obey the threshold value can lead to severe consequences. For instance, if you lift a gear higher than the total capacity of the crane, the chain may break, or the heavy load can fall off, injuring people present right beneath.


As you know the best safety practices to follow while dealing with Hitachi heavy equipment, we expect you to follow all the rules and regulations without any further dilemmas. Since there are many risks of injuries and accidents associated with these equipment units, you should be careful while dealing with them. As an operator, you must ensure that safety measures are followed appropriately without compromise.