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Truck mounted cranes

truck mounted cranes

The truck crane is a movable boom crane mounted on an industrial truck that can be used to lift bundled or coiled cargo using hooks, grabs, and slings. It is designed to lift cargo into and out of a vehicle, allowing the driver to transfer products precisely where they are needed without the use of a forklift, telehandler, or separate crane. Truck-mounted cranes are used extensively in the construction, mining, and forestry industries. Their ability to move freely around a construction site and their versatility in lifting various types of cargo makes them ideal for many different applications.

Working of truck mounted cranes

They use a fixed system of pipes, allowing constant pressure to be maintained while the operator performs the lifts. The operator controls the crane from a cab located on the truck. The crane itself consists of a boom, which is the arm that extends out from the truck, and a hoist, which is used to lift and lower the load. The operator uses a joystick to control the movements of the boom and the hoist. Truck-mounted cranes have a pump system that supplies the necessary pressure to perform the lifts.

Types of truck-mounted cranes

A truck crane is a crane mounted on a truck. They are used for many purposes, including lifting heavy loads, lifting construction materials, and moving heavy equipment. There are many different types of truck-mounted cranes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most common types of truck-mounted cranes include:

Telescoping truck-mounted cranes: These cranes have a boom that can extend and retract, making them very versatile.

Knuckle-boom truck-mounted cranes: These cranes have a boom that can fold in and out, like a knuckle. This makes them ideal for lifting heavy loads in tight spaces.

Articulating truck-mounted cranes: It features a boom that can be extended and retracted. These cranes are much safer to use and are easier to operate than other types of cranes.

truck crane

Truck-mounted cranes are an essential piece of equipment for many businesses. They are adaptable and can be utilized for a range of tasks. When choosing a truck-mounted crane, it is important to consider the type of project you will be using it for.

Why choose Hyva truck-mounted crane

Hyva truck-mounted cranes are among the most extensively used loader cranes in the world, having a diverse portfolio that can meet all lifting needs while remaining cost-effective. Hyva truck-mounted cranes cover any industry use, from light compact to sturdy articulated cranes or extremely precise machines: agricultural, construction, mining, transportation, environment, and defense.

A variety of mounting accessories are available to suit your lifting requirements with optimal safety and efficiency, thereby enhancing the adaptability of Hyva cranes' portfolio. They are built in a modular structure with a wide range of configurations and optional kits. This allows for complete customization of the crane to your specific needs, providing the best possible solution to your lifting requirements.

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