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Aerial Work Platform in Saudi Arabia

At Kanoo Machinery, we offer a wide range of products, including construction, welding, industrial equipment and related accessories, consumables, and other items. These add value to the Utility, Construction, Engineering, and Manufacturing industries, thereby promoting sustainable development. Snorkel takes pride in providing every client with the most responsive and enjoyable customer service experience possible, as well as the best aerial work platform in Saudi Arabia.

We offer excellent value to our clients by offering items with optimal capabilities for a wide range of applications at affordable rates. Our lifting equipment is industry-leading. Our equipment, ranging from tiny portable material lifts to telehandlers, provides excellent performance, safety, and dependability. Our worldwide and diversified knowledge is available to meet the demands of our customers.

Aerial Work Platforms

Aerial work platforms (AWP), also known as mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP), are essential for safe access to heights and are used in various industrial applications, including construction and building maintenance and electrical line repair and tree care. We are equipped with high-efficiency traction and pump motor solutions, innovative motor controls, and resilient charging systems as the AWP industry continues to demand higher uptime, faster equipment turnover, and better return on investment.

Every Snorkel design revolves around creating aerial lifts that deliver time after time. The Snorkel aerial work platform in Saudi Arabia is made with high-quality materials and ergonomic designs to make difficult chores easier. We can supply aerial work platforms customized to your needs, whether you need a mobile elevated work platform for the minor electric scissor lift, the highest reaching hybrid boom lifts, or a sophisticated telehandler. You may browse our extensive selection of work-at-height solutions to find suitable lifts for your needs.

Speed Level

The Snorkel Speed Level's function is to find equilibrium on uneven terrain. These nimble lifts are more rigid than the most demanding job sites and can readily climb gradients of up to 50%. Automatic self-leveling capabilities, the first of its type, allow operators to stand up straight on complex slopes. Its platform can level up to 13 degrees side to side and 9 degrees front to rear.

For long-lasting performance, the RTE series provides fully electric sigma lifts driven exclusively by lithium-ion batteries. The chassis for all Snorkel Speed Levels is the same. They feature a 31-foot maximum working height and a 3-foot deck extension that can be rolled out. They have a working height of up to 1,300 pounds and a load capacity of up to that.


Snorkel's tough terrain telehandlers give a helping hand in every direction. Tight handling is possible because of full-time 4-wheel drive and proportional joystick controls. Telehandlers can multitask in even the most challenging job locations. Each can lift, reach, and pull anything up high or on the ground for any purpose. This aerial work platform in Saudi Arabia is rugged and reliable, making it perfect for building projects. Outriggers and leveling capabilities are also included, ensuring dependable performance on any job site.

Telescopic Boom Bucket Lift Saudi Arabia

Talking about pieces of machinery and equipment that aid the ease of manufacturing, construction, and other heavy-duty industries, Aerial Work Platforms are a never-ending source of help. Aerial Work Platforms have different structures. They are designed to reach the perfection desired by companies and workers to make their job easier and more efficient.