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Kanoo Machinery exclusively manages the business for Perkins and Pramac across the KSA region. Over the years Kanoo Machinery is known for delivering excellent product support and a consistent and seamless service across the region in line with the group’s image and vision.

To meet the demands of the ever-changing product support requirements for the new generation of technologically advanced engines now entering the markets, Kanoo Machinery works with the region-wide facilities to ensure Perkins global support standards are delivered at each location.


With Perkins, Kanoo Machinery distributes high standards of engineering excellence, providing the most comprehensive range of innovative and reliable power solutions, tailored to meet the precise requirements of our customers.

  • The Perkins industrial engine product range extends from the compact 0.5 litre 402 engine up to the powerful 18 litre 2806 engine for enhanced productivity and low cost of ownership
  • The Perkins electric power and gas engine range includes further models up to the 4000 Series, which produce up to 2500 kVA (2000 kWe)
  • Perkins engines are designed to meet all emission standards and performance requirements in more than 800 applications.

Precisely tailored technology means applications you can depend on.

Industrial Engines and Industrial Open Power Unit

Perkins engines for industrial applications are built on engineering excellence. Among the uses are in tractors, telehandlers, access platforms, excavators and compressors. The industrial engines have compact designs, with high power densities and give you a lifetime of low cost.

Electric Power

The electric power engines operate in the harshest of environments and under the most challenging conditions. Whether for prime or standby generation, the engines deliver instant response and thousands of hours of dependable running.


For marine applications, Kanoo Machinery supplies the engines that power commercial vessels, pleasure craft and provide the auxiliary power for on-board electricity generation.


Kanoo Machinery deploys award-winning technical product training for OEMs, End Users and Dealer personal in the region. The training centers are a huge powerhouse as they are equipped with modern devices ready to usher in a generation of advanced product innovation and accelerated learning for Perkins customers, dealers and end-users in the region.

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With Pramac, Kanoo Machinery in KSA strives to offer a product that finds its ideal application wherever high performances are needed. Kanoo Machinery offers a complete range of solutions suitable for any kind of energy request.


Tailoring energy to your needs. Kanoo Machinery supplies the complete range of portable and stationary generators designed and manufactured by Pramac and provides tailored solutions that can be adapted to every specific requirement.

GBW Series

The GBW Series offers reliable and powerful machines designed for professional use on construction sites and other industrial applications. With an excellent performance and easy installation they can be used to either support electricity mains failure or in isolated locations.



Perkins power solutions are designed to improve your performance and productivity. We have poured our passion, innovation and engineering excellence into manufacturing more than 21 million engines - 5 million of which are are still powering

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Electric Power Generation
Perkins has led the field in the design and manufacture of high-performance diesel engines. Our continuous development programme allows us to offer one of the most advanced and comprehensive...
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Sectors we serve
More than 5,000 different applications are powered by Perkins engines. We help customers build roads and homes and we provide engines for both standby and prime electricity...
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Emissions and technology

Globally, there are increasingly stringent standards on emissions – and the technology we use ensures our products meet the standards wherever the engines are being used in the world.

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Engine Performance
Understanding how engine speed is controlled in off-highway diesel engines is important. It’s the basis for our perception of an engine’s performance
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Engineering services
Collaboration with our customers is the cornerstone of Perkins engine design - and it’s the reason we’re a leader in engine development. Through our collaborative
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Missing service intervals can lead to reduction in performance, often a drop of 20 percent in performance can happen before the operator notices. It can even lead to a vital part failing,

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Repair products - extended engine life
Using official Perkins repair products can considerably enhance the performance of your engine and extend its life. These parts are available to order quickly and
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overhaul products
Our overhaul products are designed with you in mind, to meet your engine lifecycle needs. We provide genuine parts that are specifically designed to bring you maximum
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Replacement engine

You may have purchased your Perkins powered machine 10 or 20 years ago, perhaps longer. It has served you well but if the time has come that you are thinking of upgrading your machine,

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You may have purchased your Perkins powered machine 10 or 20 years ago, perhaps longer. It has served you well but if the time has come that you are thinking of...
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Platinum Protection
We’re proud of the engines we build – so we want to keep them running at peak performance throughout their lives. That’s why we’ve launched Perkins® Platinum
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My Engine App

Everything you need to manage your engine, all in the palm of your hand. With service reminders and electronic service logs, quick links to your distributor and

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Perkins introduces the world’s first low cost engine level telematics device which works on both mechanical and electronic engines. The Perkins® SmartCap...
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Perkins Generator Saudi Arabia

Multiple brands and manufacturers in the power generation industry need to utilize generator components for their operations. We at Kanoo Machinery, offer various types and sets of high-quality generators with multiple benefits such as efficient peaking and continuity range, grid stability, power generation (baseload), and more. Companies in various industries like the oil and manufacturing markets have associated with us, noticing successful operational results afterwards.

Pramac Dealer in KSA

For the best power generation ability and operational improvement, investing in top-of-the-range generators and equipment is essential for companies. In this context, Pramac solutions is the most efficient option to invest in. Kanoo Machinery is one of the best Pramac dealers in KSA due to the different levels and types of components that we develop, improve and distribute.