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Warehouse Logistics Handling Solutions in Dubai, UAE for Everyday Operations - Power Pallet Trucks and Compact Power Pallet Trucks

Kanoos range of power pallet trucks & compact power pallet trucks improve your warehousing operations with a wide range of day-to-day loading bay and shuttle applications. With forks, loading and tracking machines, Kanoo prepares you for tomorrow's challenges today.

Power pallet trucks that you can choose from include:

  • Manual Pallet Jack
  • Composed of a steel machine with a hydraulic pump this pallet truck has a loading capacity of 5500 lbs. It is worked by the operator by positioning the two forks under the pallet to be moved. It is then steered with the handle to take the load to its desired location. Industries that it is used in include forging, casting, general warehouse, and general manufacturing.

  • Electric walkie behind
  • Advantages of using an electric walkie behind are its electrical assist for driving and lifting. The operator can lift and lower the loads with just a press of a button. Like the manual pallet jack, it is not the best choice for moving a load over long distances because the operator would still need to walk but this feature also lessens the severity of collision hazards as compared to other pallet trucks. The major uses for the electric walkie behind is for loading docks and staging areas, and for mid-distance runs in industries like beverage and general warehouse.

  • Rider pallet jack
  • Similar to an electric walkie, the rider pallet jack is powered by an on-board industrial battery. It is a better option for moving loads over longer distances as compared to manual pallet jacks and walkie pallet jacks. It’s heavyweight design exposes the operator to certain hazards but it proves to be an ideal truck for frequent movement over extended distances. This type of truck works well in large warehouse and manufacturing industries.

  • Center rider
  • A center rider is ergonomically designed and more safer for operators. It allows the operator to fully face forwards or backwards rather than just sideways and is protected with machine chassis on two sides. The center rider is better to use in applications wherein the operator stays in a straight line most of the time.

  • Weighing scale pallet jack
  • A weighing scale pallet jack is useful for loading bays and factory floors. It’s unique design displays the weight of the load being moved. This type of pallet jack caters to a specific niche and is advantageous to print weight and other specifications.

  • All terrain pallet jack
  • This compact truck has a lightweight design that has a load capacity of 2000 – 2500 lbs. It has a three-position handle and large wheels that allow movement over most surfaces.

Kanoo machinery creates a great combination of cost efficiency and sustainable development with its power pallet trucks & compact power pallet trucks. For more information contact Contact us at our toll free number: 800 56100 and whatsapp us at : +971 56 547 9222.

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