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Kanoo Machinery offers a comprehensive range of materials handling solutions for all segments like storage, transport, distribution, construction, paper & packaging, food & beverage, ports & terminals and manufacturing. The equipment ranges from hand pallets, diesel forklifts, container handlers, electric forklifts, power pallet trucks, reach stackers, order pickers, narrow aisle forklifts and VNA Trucks. We are distributors for three of the leading materials handling manufacturers, such as Hyster, U.K., Combilift & Aisle Master, Ireland.

From where to get the best warehouse equipment in UAE?

A warehouse needs a comprehensive range of equipment units, from forklifts to cranes, hoisting wire ropes, etc. It is not easy to choose the supplier of these units because if the products are of cheap quality, accidents can happen at the warehouse. Plus, they also damage the products, like vulnerable items, glass and ceramic, and so on. This is why you should start shortlisting experienced and reputed companies for warehouse equipment in the UAE.

Another thing you need to consider is the type of warehouse equipment units the company is offering. It should provide a wide range of products with varying features and specifications. This way, your warehouse requirements will be met easily. Do check the prices and the quality of the machine. Ensure it can deliver optimal performance consistently without any hurdle or compromise with work quality and safety.

Why is the UAE wire rope a better solution for warehousing?

  • In a warehouse, you need to use a lot of equipment units like cranes or forklifts. However, wire ropes in the UAE have recently become more famous than other machinery units. Keeping this in mind, we have listed how these ropes have formed outstanding warehouse logistics solutions in the UAE.
  • Wire ropes are usually made from stainless steel. As a result, they are pretty solid and durable.
  • The ropes are hard to break, so lifting heavy loads in the warehouses won't be a problem anymore
  • Thanks to the strong core, the wire rope has emerged as the best warehousing solution for lifting objects and transporting them from one place to another.
  • While transporting the objects from one place to another, the wire ropes keep everything highly stable and do not damage the products much.
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Materials Handling Equipment

The term " Material Handling Equipment " encompasses a wide range of products. In a manufacturing setting, there are several scenarios when moving huge and frequently heavy items is inevitable. Material handling equipment can refer to any significant piece of equipment that aids in this operation. This concept encompasses various objects, from tools and storage units to automobiles and large appliances. Material Handling Equipment includes everything that deals with the transportation, storage, and management of materials at any step of their production. A Material Handling Equipment system will often consist of several separate pieces. Some of these processes will be manual, while others are likely automated or semi-automated.

The system manages the whole manufacturing or production process so that the supply chain is as efficient, productive, and feasible. The entire process will function smoothly by optimizing the efficiency of each component housed within the system. Material Handling Equipment comes in various forms, some of which are manual and others which are automatic. Non-motorized pallet trucks, for example, are manual in nature. For example, conveyor systems might be wholly manual, semi, or fully automated. Even retrieval and storage systems can be fully automated, with the main management of the system delegated to a computer. Automated guided vehicles, Empty Container Handlers, hoisting equipment, lift trucks, Warehouse Equipment, and storage solutions such as racking are all standard pieces of Material Handling Equipment.

We provide a comprehensive range of Material Handling Systems at Kanoo Machinery. Our material handling systems consist of conveyor care/rubber goods, heat resistant, fire resistant, and oil resistant conveyor belts, Container Handlers, steel cord belts, and special-purpose conveyors belts. These material handling systems are noted for their sturdiness and longevity since they are built from high-quality raw materials. We have a reputation for providing high-quality engineered goods at reasonable pricing. Material handling systems come in various configurations to fulfill the needs of diverse sectors.

Kanoo is also a renowned outsourced partner for industrial and commercial Warehouse Equipment. We optimize every sub-area of your value-added chain. We offer a complete variety of warehouse and fulfillment services thanks to our extensive network of sites, modern technology, and innovative concepts. Our focus is on offering personalized solutions for you as a leading partner for Warehouse Logistics Solutions for industry and commerce so that you can meet the demands of your market. Our staff works hard to give you the most up-to-date technologies, the most efficient operations, and the most excellent service to ensure your success. We make your processes more efficient and inventive with enthusiasm.


Kanoos range of power pallet trucks & compact power pallet trucks improve your warehousing operations with a wide range of day-to-day loading bay and shuttle applications. With forks, loading and tracking machines, Kanoo prepares you for tomorrow's challenges today.

Power pallet trucks that you can choose from include:

Hyster Robotics- The future of material handling is here

Since its beginning, Kanoo Machinery has strived to offer the best quality equipments and consumables to vast diverse industrial sectors from the world's leading manufacturers such as Hyster.

Hyster is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of Hysters’ big trucks, forklifts and other handling equipment with a reputation for making quality and sturdy lifting equipment for over a century.

A Forklift for every occasion

Kanoo Machinery offers a vast range of material handling machinery from leading global manufacturers like Hyster, Combilift, and Aisle-Master. You can match the specific needs of your operation by choosing from our comprehensive range of machinery or contact our trained and trusted personnel at Kanoo to give you expert advice and help guide you through making the right choices and apt solutions for your company.

Of all the material handling machinery available, the forklift is one of the most popular and beneficial machines in a fleet. Since its invention, there has been increased productivity and reduced physical strain as personnel are now able to move the various materials to a different location with ease and speed.

Fleet management for MHE with Kanoo Machinery

The effort, time, and problems associated with fleet management for MHE make it difficult for many companies to confidently hire MHE fleets.

Though these machines are the workhorses of material handling operations they are often out of sight making it difficult to monitor and control them.

We at Kanoo, provide you a wholly managed fleet, with high-quality machines supported by our full-service workshops to keep your fleet on the move at all times.

Kanoo Machinery: MHE that you can trust

It is an undisputed fact that when deciding on your MHE provider it is important to consider two crucial aspects, Experience, and Innovation. We at Kanoo offer you both, over 130 years of committed service and a name for being known as a symbol of innovation, quality, and success.

The main four types of material handling equipment that we offer at Kanoo are storage and handling, automated systems, industrial trucks, forklifts, and bulk material handling and some of the common MHEs are Hand trucks, Pallet jacks, Order Pickers, Stackers, Hoppers, Silos, etc.