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Hyster Robotics- The future of material handling is here

Since its beginning, Kanoo Machinery has strived to offer the best quality equipments and consumables to vast diverse industrial sectors from the world's leading manufacturers such as Hyster.

Hyster is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of Hysters’ big trucks, forklifts and other handling equipment with a reputation for making quality and sturdy lifting equipment for over a century.

It has a network of distribution and support over many major world regions such as North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and more.

“Our mission is to be an enhanced, globally integrated designer, manufacturer, and marketer of a complete range of lift truck solutions by leveraging its high-quality, application-tailored lift trucks, attachments, and power solutions to offer the lowest cost of ownership and the best overall value.” - Hyster Mission Statement.

As said in their mission statement, Hyster has truly kept to their promises and goals with their latest industry solution: Hyster Robotics.

To understand where they could improve themselves and benefit the market, Hyster conducted a survey in September 2020, asking the people of the industrial sector what were the biggest pain points about lift truck/material handling operations.

The results they attained from the survey revealed that 40% of the total struggle with Lift truck operator turnover followed by labor wages, then operator efficiency, operator absenteeism, and finally lift truck operator for 2nd/3rd shift which accounted to only 15% of the total.

From this survey, Hyster derived and designed one solution for all: Hyster Robotics.

Hyster Robotics is a fleet of automated material handling equipment that can pick up, transport, drop off pallets, and move carts to help you reduce labor costs and optimize workflow. Below are some of the benefits of automating with Hyster Robotics.

1. Dual Operating Modes:

The machines run on a programmed path but can change to manual with the click of a button, making it easy to handle as per requirement.

2. Infrastructure free navigation:

They do not require laser reflectors, guide wires or magnets to move around as they can map structural features to self-locate and navigate.

3. Local Support:

With Hysters' extensive network of dealers, the service and support of the automated machines will be fast with less downtime.

4. Scalable:

You won't need to worry about workload as these machines can expand in line with operational requirements.

Unlike automated guided vehicles, Hysters’ automated trucks can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure without having to compromise on durability and dependability. They can be programmed to interact with other machines and people such as they will stop and give way.

At times, human error may add to the delays of operations, damage equipment, and products, and so incur additional costs. Hyster Robotics can help in running operations smoothly while driving down costs. These benefits can be seen in just two to three years or even lesser.

They can also help to complete repetitive tasks which will free up workers to focus on more value-adding tasks and boost employee productivity. It can also help employers to retain their staff and top talent.

Join the revolution and go automatic with Hyster Robotics through us at Kanoo Machinery!

Kanoo Machinery offers ready stock availability of welding equipment & consumables from warehouses conveniently located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, in Dubai, and from all other Emirates in UAE. Contact us at our toll free number: 800 56100 and whatsapp us at : +971 56 547 9222.

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