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Forklift Repair Bahrain

Forklift Repair Bahrain

Dependable Forklift Services

Kanoo Machinery is a comprehensive one-stop shop in Bahrain for forklift repair services. We repair all makes and models, and our prices are extremely competitive. Let us know if you require assistance with repairing forklifts in Bahrain.

Our services for forklifts include:

  • Transporting forklifts to and from any location
  • Providing consumables, replacement parts, and forklift attachments
  • Fixing malfunctioning trucks, executing tail lift repairs, and more
  • On-site inspections of forklifts
  • Servicing gas, electric, and diesel forklifts: All maintenance is performed on-site.

How Frequently must Forklifts be Inspected for Maintenance?

All forklift components require servicing between 200 and 2,000 hours, depending on the elements inspected and the quality of the device. While safety features require daily inspection, some internal components only need to be maintained quarterly. Several factors must be considered to determine the frequency of forklift repairs in Bahrain. A five-year-old forklift must be inspected more frequently than a one-year-old forklift. If one component of your forklift has repeatedly malfunctioned, you should pay special attention to it during routine maintenance.

Field of endeavor: Certain tasks pose greater dangers to your forklift than others. A forklift transporting pallets through a warehouse is less susceptible to damage than a machine transporting unprocessed materials over unstable terrain.

Your maintenance standard: OSHA establishes minimum service standards for forklifts. Nevertheless, many teams choose to exceed this.

Improved Safety

Because industrial vehicle accidents, including forklift accidents, cause approximately 35,000 injuries annually, it is essential to maximize employee safety. A malfunction can imperil the operator and anyone nearby, whether your device is used to transport pallets, tools, or raw materials. With appropriate upkeep, teams can avoid unnecessary dangers.

An Unparalleled Service

Because of the high quality of our forklift repair services in Bahrain, clients have trusted us with their work for many years. Contact us to discuss your forklift repair needs and let us give you a suitable solution.