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Kanoo Machinery provides original spare and wear parts of the highest quality for all your Hiab products. Authentic and genuine parts ensure to give you the same functionality, performance and safety you chose from the start.

Parts for Truck Loader Forklifts
  • Filters
  • Bearings
  • Chains
  • Cords and Cables
  • Cylinders
  • Hoses
  • Steering Components
  • Hydraulic Components
Kanoo exclusively distributes HIAB parts in Bahrain
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Hiab Crane Spare Parts in Bahrain

HIAB is Bahrain's most popular articulated truck crane, having produced the world's first hydraulic truck-mounted crane in 1947. The explanation is straightforward: HIAB Bahrain truck cranes are designed and constructed to perform harder and survive longer. Owners of Bahrain’s HIAB cranes anticipate enduring dependability and value.

With over sixty types available, there is a HIAB truck-mounted crane that is ideal for your application. Models of truck cranes range in capacity from 0.8 to 80 tons and have a maximum reach of 25 meters. The outstanding hydraulic systems of HIAB in Bahrain provide unrivalled crane control, while sophisticated ergonomic features ensure operator comfort.

hiab crane spare parts.jpg

All HIAB Bahrain boom trucks feature the highest level of safety. Not only are these truck cranes developed and produced with the most advanced safety features, but they are also carefully tested in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. Our HIAB XS truck-mounted cranes are designed to meet both the new EU standard EN 12999 and the soon-to-be-replaced DIN15018 building standard EN 13001.

Hiab Loader cranes are simply mounted on vehicles, requiring fewer certificates and city passes than tower or telescoping cranes. This decreases expenses and boosts adaptability. Win-win.

Hiab crane spare parts Available Include:

  • Electrical indications and sensors
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Steel structures
  • Remote control systems
  • Replacement filters

In fact, everything you will ever need!

The adaptability of HIAB knuckle boom truck cranes surpasses that of traditional rigid–boom or telescoping cranes. With increased payload space and precise controls, HIAB articulated cranes facilitate the loading and unloading of trucks. With their long reach, these cranes can move past barriers on the working site, allowing you to work more quickly; you only need to park once and unload in multiple areas on the site.

HIAB Bahrain’s loader cranes can provide a cost-effective solution for virtually all modern deliveries, whether in the construction or road-building industries, on hydro or telecommunications lines, while handling heavy machinery, or when recycling rubbish.

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Spares and Parts for HIAB in Bahrain

Kanoo Machinery, Hiab crane dealers is your one-stop shop for all official HIAB spare and wear parts.

  • Constant availability of a vast array of the most popular commodities.
  • We can obtain more parts within 24 hours.
  • Original HIAB crane spare parts Bahrain backed by the manufacturer's complete guarantee.
  • Highly skilled experts available to provide guidance when necessary
  • Free delivery the next day

If you're looking for an extensive selection of HIAB parts in Bahrain, we can provide components that are manufactured to the highest standards, either from stock or with FREE next-day shipping. We can provide everything you need to ensure that your HIAB product is operating at its maximum capacity.

With Hiab's original spare parts from a HIAB dealer, your HIAB crane retains its original functionality. All the spare parts are engineered exclusively for the equipment, providing superior quality and dependability. Using original parts is the best way to maintain the performance and safety you initially selected.