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Rental & Used Equipment

Kanoo Rental is a rental arm of KANOO MACHINERY, Saudi Arabia’s leading equipment RENTAL solution provider in Material handling and Construction equipment supporting all business sectors. We are managing a large fleet high quality equipment stocked across KSA to cater to a wide range of customers across diverse industries. Our services include:

  • Dry Lease – Short term & long-term
  • Lease to own option
  • Buy back & trade-in for buying / leasing new equipment
  • Refurbishment of existing machines
  • Sale of used & refurbished equipment

We are pioneering the rental market in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain with unmatched expertise in the material handling, construction, welding, access & cleaning equipment business. We offer most competitive solution for all kinds of customer’s applications. We offer 24 x 7 support and make sure that the overall uptime of rented equipment is close to 100% and our service level is top class within the rental industry in KSA. Our team consists of qualified, skilled, trained and experienced sales & service personnel offering distinguished functional and technical expertise ensuring our customers are served with professional sales & service levels and utmost delight.

USED Equipment

Kanoo Rental regularly sells used equipment such as Hyster Diesel & Electric Forklifts, Combilift Side-loaders, Aisle-Master VNA forklift trucks, Grove Hydraulic Mobile Rough Terrain and All Terrain Cranes, on “as is where-is condition”.

We also sell “Certified Used Equipment” after refurbishment, repair & painting etc. As we are the exclusive and authorized distributors for all these equipment mentioned we use only genuine spare parts to maintain the equipment and all services are carried out as per manufacturer’s recommendation.

We request our prospective buyers / customers to get in touch with our Sales Manager – Rentals to know more about our used equipment availability, prices, delivery period details etc. All used equipment offered for sale are subject to availability and prior sales.

Hyster Combilift
Grove Aislemaster

There are numerous heavy equipment rental companies in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, but few offer competitive pricing and well-trained operators. We add cost and dependability in our service. Piling rigs, Vibro hammers, and a variety of other earth moving equipment are available. Many Heavy Equipment Rental Companies in Saudi Arabia complicate matters by providing inadequate customer service, and charging extra rental costs but your pleasure is guaranteed with us. Industrial Equipment Suppliers in Saudi Arabia may face similar challenges and are frequently confined to a few types of equipment, but Kanoo Rental are well known for large-scale civil, mechanical, and electrical parts.

Whatever your requirements are, whether you require excavators, telehandlers, roller compactors, or even a bobcat, we can assist you. Our construction equipment will be transported to your workplace; however, pre-scheduling or prior booking should be made at least one week to ten days in advance for special requirements.

Rental Equipment

Significant Benefits of Heavy Equipment Rental in Saudi Arabia in 2021

There are several essential benefits to heavy equipment rental in Saudi Arabia for all reputable construction firms and other industries. It enables modern construction firms and other organisations to avoid incurring initial acquisition costs. Not only that, but it will also help you save money on maintenance and repair. However, one of the most significant benefits of heavy equipment rental companies in Saudi Arabia Dammam is protecting construction enterprises from volatile or unexpected market conditions. The companies will incur no depreciation costs.

Numerous construction organisations are simultaneously undertaking a large number of construction projects. Rather than incurring logistical costs associated with transporting and sharing heavy-duty machinery across multiple jobs, they explore renting specific pieces of machinery for certain projects. This eliminates any logistical bottlenecks and ensures the seamless operation of the firm. Renting heavy equipment also eliminates the need for equipment storage. Finally, but certainly not least, hiring heavy equipment in Saudi Arabia enables you to optimise your transportation operations.

Crane Rental Companies in Saudi Arabia

Kanoo Rental is the largest crane rental company in Saudi Arabia. We rent and sell lifting equipment such as Aramco & TUV Certified Mobile Cranes, TUV Certified Crawler Cranes, Tower Cranes, and Crane Rental Value per Day. In Saudi Arabia, a crane rental company provides world-class cranes and lifting equipment to the infrastructure and property sectors.

Kanoo Machinery - Right Place to Rent a Power Generator in Saudi Arabia

Whatever may be your reason to find power generator rental in Saudi Arabia, you can have a look at our website and choose the best power generators. We are versatile enough to provide you with every possible type of power generator, be it for a small-sized company or a company consisting of a large building. Furthermore, our products have an unbeatable standard in the global market. So if you want to get a power pack generator to cope with the power cut issues, choosing Kanoo power generator rental in Saudi Arabia should be your first stop. Apart from supplying the best quality power generator, our services are durable, productive, and cost-effective.

Finding Diesel Generator Rental in Saudi Arabia?

Looking to rent an emergency diesel generator for your firm due to an extended power cut? Or has your existing diesel generator gone through a deterioration? If yes, you might be searching for diesel generator rental companies in Saudi Arabia. A long-term diesel generator might wear out, but keeping a diesel generator rental in Saudi Arabia in touch is by far the best idea to cope up with complications. Whatever may be your reason to find diesel generator rental in Saudi Arabia, make Kanoo machinery your first stop. We are versatile enough to comfort you with numerous types of diesel generators. Let's explore more about how you can easily rent diesel generators in Saudi Arabia.

Looking for the Best Floor Cleaning Machine Rental in Saudi Arabia? Here's the Right Solution!

Have you ever reckoned that purchasing a hefty floor cleaning machine can put a dent in your business expenditures? Well, there are several options to reduce or overcome the expenses of buying expensive floor cleaning machines. One such alternative is to find the best floor cleaning machine rental in Saudi Arabia and rent one of the machines that suit your requirements. If you are a beginner looking to reduce the extra expenses of purchasing a floor cleaning machine in Saudi Arabia, make Kanoo Machinery your first stop. We are ready to help you with a range of floor cleaning equipment available in the market.

Kanoo Machinery - Your Ultimate Place To Rent Cleaning Equipment.

Whether you are a beginner or own a large business, your ultimate goal is to keep your company clean to attract customers. At Kanoo machinery, we offer you a vast spectrum of cleaning equipment that will help you in achieving your goal. Because of our excellent customer service and support, we are counted among the leading cleaning equipment rental and suppliers. We amass everything covered for you that will help you to get the best cleaning equipment. Not only this, our equipment and products are certified and double-checked by our team of professional technicians to ensure that you get the best quality equipment.

Kanoo Machinery - Your Ultimate Place to Rent Construction Machinery in Saudi Arabia!

Looking for high-quality construction equipment that will ensure the safety of your workers? If you are nodding your head to say yes, then you have landed at the right place. At Kanoo machinery, you can get the right tools for construction that will prove highly beneficial to your company. Renting construction machinery is an excellent alternative to purchasing it by spending it out of your pocket. If you want to buy any equipment related to construction, mechanical, electrical, civil, or instrumentation engineering, make Kanoo construction machinery rental in Saudi Arabia your first stop.

Looking For Farm Equipment Rental in Saudi Arabia? Here's Everything For You!

If you are a farm owner in Saudi Arabia, you must have looked for a place to buy or rent farm equipment. In such a situation, buying new farm equipment is not the ideal solution. Instead, looking for a company recognized as leading farm equipment rental in Saudi Arabia is the best alternative—looking to rent any farm equipment in Saudi Arabia, be it tractors, agriculture implements, or combines? The team of Kanoo machinery would be more than happy to assist you.

Forklift Rental in Saudi Arabia

Many companies use Forklifts to ease the situation to carry and lift the heavy load in and out of the warehouse. But owning a forklift is a hefty purchase as they are tagged with huge prices. If you are a company owner who needs forklifts occasionally, then you must try our forklift rental services in Saudi Arabia. At Kanoo machinery, we strive to supply you with different types of forklifts designed for varied purposes. Apart from this, our team of skilled and dedicated members will ensure that all the equipment is checked thoroughly before renting them to you.

Rough Terrain Crane Rental in Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for a rough terrain crane rental in Saudi Arabia? Kanoo Machinery is ready to help you out with the best equipment. For the past 50 years, Kanoo Machinery has been a leading industrial equipment rental, distributor, and supplier in Saudi Arabia. The reason behind this is the wide range of quality equipment that is best suited for lifting. If you are looking for equipment best suited for paved as well as uneven terrain, choose our quality assured Rough terrain crane. Their unique design and compact shape allow users to use it on tighter and uneven surfaces. Let's know more about how you can rent Rough terrain cranes in Saudi Arabia.

Rental & Solutions for Welding Machine in Saudi Arabia

Kanoo Machinery provides novel welding solutions to the Saudi welding industry. We provide superior welding machine rental in Saudi Arabia. We have a crew with world-class welding expertise. It's not only about what we do; it's also about how we do it.

Hyster Warehouse Equipment Rental

Warehouse equipment refers to the various tools, devices, and machinery used in a warehouse setting to facilitate storing, moving, and managing goods and materials. Forklifts, pallet jacks, shelving units, conveyor belts, and other pieces of machinery made specifically to handle and arrange merchandise are included in this category. To maximize productivity and safety in a warehouse setting, Hyster warehouse equipment, which is renowned for its high-quality and long-lasting material handling solutions, provides a comprehensive selection of equipment built exclusively for warehouse operations.