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Crane Rental Companies in Saudi Arabia

Kanoo Rental is the largest crane rental company in Saudi Arabia. We rent and sell lifting equipment such as Aramco & TUV Certified Mobile Cranes, TUV Certified Crawler Cranes, Tower Cranes, and Crane Rental Value per Day. In Saudi Arabia, a crane rental company provides world-class cranes and lifting equipment to the infrastructure and property sectors.

We rent a variety of lifting equipment and can provide everything you require. We have Aramco and TUV certified mobile cranes ranging in capacity from 30 to 80 tonnes, as well as a 1500 tonne crawler crane.

All of our rental equipment is cutting-edge in terms of technology. Our expert staff members will aid you throughout the task. Kanoo Rental expertise has been selected to provide the best heavy crane rental in Saudi Arabia.

Grab the Best Offer on Crane Hiring

Kanoo Rental has diversified and evolved from humble beginnings. The company has maintained a strong reputation for product knowledge while continuing to provide excellent service.

Equipment rental services are Arabia's fastest expanding division. With a diverse choice of heavy-duty and light-duty equipment, as well as innumerable machinery goods that we own, we are delighted to present our best resources to you. Additionally, we provide effective mobile crane rental in Saudi Arabia for any requirement you may encounter during your project's execution.

With regards to our machinery and equipment rental services, we promise regular inspections and quality control, as well as on-time delivery. We are assuring that the rented products are perfectly suited for the purpose. Along with our machinery rental services, we also train your employees on the proper technique to operate the equipment. Additionally, we ensure that safety precautions are accepted at face value.

5 Advantages of Hiring a Crane Through Us

  • You addressed insurance and security.
  • Consultations Are Always Free
  • Direct contact with a professional
  • We will evaluate your requirement.

Benefits are provided at no cost to the client.

  • Our Professionalism and Expertise
  • To determine the appropriate crane for your application
  • Exemptions for Transportation Cost Savings
  • After-Sales Support 24 hours a day

What Are the Benefits of Renting a Crane From Us

Kanoo Machinery has 15+ years of professional experience, not just in the heavy crane rental in Saudi Arabia; we also support and assist our customers in supplying Saudi Aramco-certified crane operators and riggers in addition to the crane. We offer the best contractual rates.