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Beach Cleaning Equipment

BeachTech | Beach Cleaning Equipment

Kanoo Machinery, Inc.'s beach cleaning equipment Machines are environmentally favorable, efficient, and effective at sifting any size of sand area. Available as walk-behind/pedestrian and tractor-mounted models but not as pulled-behind versions.

These Beachtech remove detritus from small and large beaches, volleyball sand courts, golf bunkers/sand traps, equestrian facilities, sand footings, horse arenas, and tracks. These heavy-duty devices' intensive sifting and vibrating screens remove fractured shells, stones, hardened tar balls, and artificial debris such as bottle caps, plastics, and cigarette butts/filters.

During the sieving grooming, the screening system causes minimal sand compaction on the area, leaving behind clean sand. Compared to larger towed-behind raking machines, our models are lighter and, as a result, cause less environmental disruption during the filtering process. All available models feature a filtering screen system behind the tires/tracks. This is an additional advantage of the equipment's design, as it leaves fewer footprints on the sand surface following the cleansing procedure. The models consist of Delfino walk-behinds and the forthcoming Delfino 2.0, a fully electric Drum drive vehicle.

The Barracuda Track Drive Walk Behind model will be succeeded by the all-electric Barracuda 2.0 in 2023. The HD52 Dynamic, HD65 Plus, HD82 Max, and HD94 Extra, along with the light-duty Cernia, are also available as heavy-duty tractor-attached variants. The working/processing widths range is between 47" and 92". They attach directly to the 3-point attachment system of a tractor and are PTO-driven at 540 rpm. All HD models have fewer moving elements than other towed-behind models. These varieties of tractors are not towed, making them highly maneuverable.

The debris bin door is opened from the device's base using a hydraulic piston and cable system. The hydraulic piston is mounted on the unit's exterior, not within the debris receptacle. This prevents sand-sifted debris such as shells, pebbles, and stones from causing piston leakage by causing piston damage. The HD52 Dynamic model for compact tractors has a working/processing width of 52 inches and can be ordered with the optional manual pump lever kit to open and shut the debris bin door, just like the Cernia light-duty.

This is incredibly useful if your compact tractor has no rear hydraulic cylinders. All heavy-duty beach cleansers have a detachable, replaceable cutting blade and are equipped with screens that are simple to replace. Each model has specific requirements for tractor capacity and horsepower. There are beach cleaning devices for beaches of all sizes and types. Each unit is ideal for the final sifting of sand in any beach or sand endeavor. All models feature a vigorous screening action. This intensive sifting helps eliminate plastic objects, preventing them from decomposing into microplastics. Once microplastics are in our marine ecosystems, they are more difficult to remove.

The beach cleaning equipment offered by Kanoo Machinery Company ranges from walk-behind machinery to larger self-propelled models. We are familiar with the varied requirements of beach cleansing operations and can provide equipment suited to beaches of varying sizes and conditions.

We provide comprehensive equipment maintenance and support services. They also train operators to ensure your employees can operate the apparatus safely and effectively. In the event of any technical issues or maintenance requirements, their seasoned technicians can provide prompt assistance and maintain the optimal condition of your beach cleaning equipment.