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Agricultural, Industrial & Cleaning Eqpt

Kanoo Machinery Industrial & cleaning equipment division are pleased to offer cleaning equipment from Aerial Work Platforms from SNORKEL, U.K., Agricultural Tractors & implements from MASSEY FERGUSON, U.K, dedicated beach cleaning equipment from BEACH TECH, GERMANY and Rough Terrain Dumpers / Forklifts from AUSA, SPAIN.

We have dedicated team of sales, parts, service & technical personnel who can confidently offer solutions for all applications. We offer ready stock availability of all the above equipment & associated attachments / accessories from our warehouses conveniently located in Bahrain.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Most comprehensive online store for cleaning supplies in Bahrain. Products for cleaning, machinery, and industrial batteries, are all available in the Middle East! All your industrial cleaning equipment needs can be met by visiting Kanoo machinery.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment


Beach cleaners are equipment that clears trash from beaches and makes them more visually beautiful and comfortable for locals and tourists. Diverse beach cleaners can be utilized to eliminate debris, sharp shells, glass, rock, and excessive seaweed from beaches.

There are numerous sizes and shapes of beach cleaners. The most common types are tractor-towed and operated by the hydraulic PTO shaft of a tractor. Private beaches and sandy areas, there are also created smaller walk-behind variants.

beach cleaning equipment

The advantages of Mechanical Raking are as follows:

Mechanical raking technology is the most adaptable of all existing types of beach cleaners, as it can remove massive beach trash as well as smaller things such as cigarette buts and bottle caps. Additionally, driftwood, buckets, large boxes, excessive seaweed, and full trash bags can be simply removed. It is the most "balanced" beach cleaning equipment alternative on the market.

Beach cleaners that use mechanical tine raking can typically clean at much faster rates than sifters or screeners since they remove debris directly from the sand, as opposed to removing the sand from the beach, passing it through screens to filter the debris, and then returning the sand to the beach.

Tideline Cleaning: Although mechanical rake beach cleaners perform ideally in both dry and wet sand, they are unique in their ability to clean in wet sand without collecting up debris or becoming clogged.

cleaning equipment rental

Second, raking beach cleaners are often lighter than other types of beach cleaners. Learn how these one-of-a-kind beach cleaning machines and cleaning equipment rental at Kanoo Machinery can assist you with your sand area or equipment needs. We will be delighted to examine your sand conditions and equipment needs with you and then provide you with our most knowledgeable advice.

Why should you need articulated truck for your project?

Often you will find difficulties in maneuvering the regular forklifts or the dump trucks at the project site when the space is less and there are multiple twists and turns. Either you have to come out of the truck and clear the space to take the turn or carry the heavy loads using some other alternative option. This is because the usual forklifts or trucks cannot take sharp turns and twists owing to a fixed structure.

Beach Cleaning Equipment

Kanoo Machinery, Inc.'s beach cleaning equipment Machines are environmentally favorable, efficient, and effective at sifting any size of sand area. Available as walk-behind/pedestrian and tractor-mounted models but not as pulled-behind versions.

Shovel & Tractor Bahrain

Based in the UAE and Bahrain, we are a Country-Wide Authorised Distributor and Exclusive Importer/Seller. Our products, including Tractor Bahrain and Shovel, are dependable and long-lasting, delivering excellent value.