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Sand Cleaning Machines in Saudi Arabia

In a world constantly worried about litter and dirt spread on beaches and sandy areas. The world around us in constant threat from plastics and other unwanted objects being littered around, polluting the soil, creating a harmful environment for the plants to grow on, causing toxic food crop production, reaching the water bodies, killing animals, polluting water, and ultimately, taking a toll on the peaceful coexistence in the ecosystem.

One of the places that are widely affected by human negligence and carelessness is the beach and sands. The areas that attract population are greatly damaged by the people visiting. From plastics to food scraps and what not?

While we take beaches and sandy areas into consideration, we should remember that the process of decomposition, cleaning, and morphosis for any object is much more difficult in the sand than it is in wet soil.

Sand Cleaning Machines

A sand cleaning machine or Sandboni, as known popularly, is a piece of equipment that carries a raking or a sifting device that is operated by the engine or the vehicle along the sand body that sifts the unwanted materials.

They may either be pulled manually or have engines of a large vehicle or even a bike attached to them. The sand cleaning machines collect sand in a considerable quantity and then keep on discarding and sifting the bigger materials, anything that exceeds a fixed size, that may be sticks, stones, plastics, or other unwanted materials in the sand.

Certain technologies are used in the mechanism of sand cleaning. They are:

  1. The raking technology works best on dry and wet sands, where a raker drags through the sand that separates the sand from other particles.
  2. Sifting mechanism, best used on soft or dry surfaces of sand. A sift is used to differentiate between sand and other materials.
  3. Combined sifting and raking scoops sand debris on a vibrating screen to distinguish between sand and other particles. It doesn't simply rely on the pick-up blades
  4. Sand sifting by hand works for small areas of sand cleaning.

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