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Kanoo Machinery is one of the leading construction equipment distributors in Saudi Arabia. We offer a wide range of products from XCMG, the 3rd largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world.

Our team of dedicated teams of industry experts for sales, parts and service will work with you to provide standard and customized solutions for construction, road building, mining as well as other specialized equipment applications.

We offer ready stock availability of equipment and associated attachments/accessories at all our facilities conveniently located across the Kingdom.


Kanoo Machinery provides the complete range of products from XCMG, a competitive enterprise group. Read More

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Multiple brands engaged in the construction industry collaborate with our company to get top-range machinery equipment for their operations. Our team at Kanoo Machinery offers a wide range of products and tools from top-quality manufacturers like AUSA Saudi Arabia, for operational improvement, safety and faster performance.


The heavyweight industry needs a lot of human resources to make it successful. In earlier days, all the work in that enormous industry used to be done by the manual labor of the workers, and it would take a lot of time to complete each project. The heavyweight industry is the backbone of civilization. It facilitates faster results and the impactful development of the changing world. The work that used to take months to finish had to be done in a week.

It started creating demand for devices that would help the workers attain their targets without excessive physical labor. It would also facilitate a smooth transition to different projects. That is when science and technology came up with the ingenious inventions of heavy construction equipment. These inventions evolved to give us some of the most efficient pieces of machinery in the world, making manual work effortless.

Heavy equipment or heavy machinery refers to heavy-duty vehicles specially designed for executing construction tasks, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations or other large construction tasks.


These are a few of the vehicles that form the backbone of the construction industry. The range of heavyweight equipment is vast. There are various types of machinery used in these cases. Some of them are:

Track-type like tractors and cranes, Graders, Excavators like the compact excavator and the long reach excavators, Yarder, Trencher, the backhoe attachments, Timbers like Feller buncher, harvesters, Pipelayer, scraper and mining equipment, compactors, loaders and material handlers, underground tools like road-header and tunnel boring machines. Hydromatic tools like ballast tampers, attachments, drilling machines, and so on.

Each piece of equipment serves a specific purpose. If all these pieces of machinery are incorporated into the industry, they make a system that makes the construction work or the manufacturing work easier than manual labor.


At Kanoo Machinery, you can find a wide range of Heavy Construction equipment that will make your construction work easier and faster and live up to your expectations. Your investments to make your construction work go smoothly will provide good returns. We are the best Construction Equipment dealers in Saudi Arabia, and our services are customer-centric, with the best price range on the products available. Contact us today to get your quotation and make your construction firm awesome.