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Manitowoc Saudi Arabia

Kanoo Machinery manufactures strong and dependable industrial crawler cranes, crane components and crane drivers for construction lifting applications. Our firm collaborates with renowned manufacturers worldwide, such as Manitowoc, Saudi Arabia, to provide a variety of lifting solutions for all projects. Our unrivaled service and wide product portfolio enable us to attain the most significant levels of efficiency and productivity.

Manitowoc is the most well-known crawler crane manufacturer in the world. For more than a century, Manitowoc cranes have maintained the top position in the field of lifting equipment. The company delivers technological breakthroughs, which in turn improves load charts, increases efficiency, improves transportation, simplifies erections and provides owners with exceptional returns on their investments. It is no surprise therefore, that the term "Manitowoc" is synonymous with crawler cranes.

Manitowoc's founding fathers' vision, which began in 1902, has guided the company's growth into a powerful and recognized global corporation. Today, The Manitowoc Way, our customer-driven culture, encourages innovation and speed to better compete in an ever-changing environment, and we are well-positioned to continue to be a leader in the crane business in the years to come. Manitowoc's innovation will be there to build something real for its customers, investors, workers and partners, whether lifting solutions demand crawler, boom, telescoping, or tower cranes.

Why Choose Crawler Cranes From Manitowoc?

Crawler cranes from Manitowoc, Saudi Arabia, are employed in the construction of wind turbines, heavy lifting and massive assembly in building construction. Our crawler cranes with lattice boom provide several advantages, including:

  • Lifting capacity ranges from 50 to 300 tonnes.
  • With up to 90% of its maximum load capacity, it is safe to transport.
  • Cranes that are easy to assemble and move at a low cost.
  • Adjustable lattice mast boom, e.g., luffing jib, provides a vast lifting area in height and reach.
  • Even on rugged terrain, there is a high level of safety for lifting jobs.
  • With a maximum boom length of 150 meters, the hook height may reach 150 meters.
  • Crawler cranes have a unique feature: an elevating cab that provides the operator with the best possible perspective.

Cranes placed on an undercarriage with a set of tracks, or crawlers, that offer stability and movement are known as crawler cranes. Our crawler cranes can handle even the most challenging projects. They come in various lifting capabilities and may be used for several tasks, including heavy-duty foundation work. Crawler cranes from Manitowoc Saudi Arabia benefit from moving about on-site and conducting each lift with little set-up time since they are stable on their tracks and do not require outriggers. Crawler cranes have the added benefit of being able to travel with a load.

crane's modular design allows you to customize it to your project's particular requirements. Module boom pieces "slip in" for easier transporting. Manitowoc, Saudi Arabia, a trusted leader in the crane servicing industry, is prepared to put our crawler crane expertise and resources to work for you.