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Böhler Welding - Lasting Connections

Kanoo Machinery is an ideal partner and solution provider for safe welding from Bohler. This guarantees effective protection, outstanding quality and excellent comfort in accomplishing the welder's tasks.


Bohler has been a leading manufacturer of a wide range of goods that are indispensable in several industries. The range of steels and alloys and the different machinery parts of Bohler, that are in constant demand throughout the world, has gained the company recognition and has raised the bar of expectations of customers looking to buy their products.

Bohler Products

Bohler has been one of the leading players in the production of welding products. From welding wires, welding electrodes, helmets, rods, and other parts, Bohler has been almost unbeatable in their markets. The material produced by Bohler is of refined quality and ideal to do their respective jobs. Bohler has ensured that all its products are worth the price being paid for them and function to their best ability to ensure maximum productivity and precision.

Bohler Welding Parts

The welding machines bought by customers are expensive. As good as they may be, customers cannot keep buying the entire equipment time and again or repair a damaged piece of machinery by paying the huge price required to fix the products. Thus, replacing the parts of the welding machines at regular intervals has become a smarter way to maintain them and make sure they function as good as new always.

This is where Bohler has come into prominence with their wide range of products that meet the specific demands of their customers. Bohler has produced all the parts of the welding equipment required from outstanding raw materials, metals and alloys. They have created an entire range that can be tailored to the customers’ requirements and help them save on repairing and re-purchasing machines every time there is a minor inconvenience in one of its parts.

Best Bohler Parts in Saudi Arabia

We, at Kanoo Machinery, provide you with authentic Bohler parts in Saudi Arabia. Through us, you can get the perfect solution to your welding equipment problems in Saudi Arabia and our team will tend to the replacement of your welding parts as per your convenience.

With us, you will get to learn exactly what you need to make your machines function better without the fear of having to spend a fortune on it. We help you take better care of your machinery by replacing the problematic or damaged parts with authentic Bohler parts that not only last longer but also work efficiently to make your machine function as though they have just been unboxed today. And all of this well within your budget.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us and get the solution to your Bohler parts today!