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Materials Handling

Kanoo Machinery offers a comprehensive range of materials handling solutions across all segments.

Storage Transport Distribution Construction
Paper & Packaging Food & Beverage Ports & Terminals Manufacturing
Our offering includes
Hand Pellets Reach Stackers Container Handlers Electric Folklift Trucks Order Pickers


Hyster is a leading provider of forklift trucks and one of the best-known names in the industry.
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Combilift are revolutionizing the way companies handle and store goods. We help companies of all sizes and from every...
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The Aisle Master range is produced by Combilift, the acknowledged world leader in the design and manufacture of safe, space...
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Material Lift Saudi Arabia

Multiple companies across different industries require various types of equipment and technologies for their management tasks. In this concern, our company is one of the best suppliers that specialize in total management-related equipment assembly.

We are one of the leading material handling companies in Saudi Arabia with a wide range of customers that have benefited highly from our offerings. If you are interested in getting high-range products related to your business, opt for one or more of our solutions.

We supply multiple options through our partnerships with multiple top-grade manufacturers.

The Best of the Best Service and Applications From Our Firm

Our team at Kanoo Machinery offers custom and premade solutions specific to an organization's requirements. We do focus on delivering safe and efficient handling solutions with a variety of products on offer. Our professionals would consider your needs and problem areas first to extend modernised applications, tools, and systems with advanced technologies.

Industries That Benefit From Our Material Handling Solutions

Kanoo machinery offers a comprehensive range of materials handling solutions across all segments.


Warehouse organization and storage benefits with our safe and efficient material handling solutions Saudi Arabia. Companies benefit from our custom storage-centric and complete turnkey solutions.

Most common equipment for storage and inventory management include Aerosol Can Storage Cages, AeroTec Dock Fan, Reach Stackers, and material lift Saudi Arabia.


Our firm supplies best-quality equipment for transport as well, to different manufacturers and organisations in the transport industry.


Many of the managed handling solutions are useful for transporting items between two or more locations/building sections.


Building and construction industries work well with our wide set of high-quality materials. Common types of products that are necessary for the construction industry include storage cages, bulk bag stands, bulk bag filling frames, Air firm movers, and concrete moulds.

Paper & Packaging

A lot of the equipment and machinery are useful and commonly used in managing different sections of the paper & packaging industry.

Food & Beverages

Our company offers various productive and reliable machine equipment and management solutions for the food & beverage manufacturing industry. The machinery ensures protection and hygiene for the users, and they are valuable for manual handling which is common in most companies in the industry.

Ports & terminals

Airport staff and aircraft crew need multiple pieces of equipment for lifting purposes and safety protection. A lot of the products in this industry require manual handling as well. We supply a wide range of such products.


Companies in the manufacturing industries require a range of products and tools for building, stock management, and packaging. Our team offers a wide range of equipment and solutions.

Our Offerings

We offer a wide range of products that are commonly used in different segments equally or separately. The most popular solutions our customers avail from us include:

  • ● Hand pellets
  • ● Reach stackers
  • ● Container handlers
  • ● Electric forklift trucks
  • ● Order pickers

All in all, our team covers a wide range of industries with the solutions, equipment, tools, and systems that they require. A lot of the companies that have worked with us for years have noticed immense growth in their production and business growth with the right material handling solutions.

Interested in the same? Talk to our experts as soon as possible!

Electric Forklift in Saudi Arabia

Having an electric forklift in Saudi Arabia will assist you in performing challenging tasks effectively and efficiently. Using an electric forklift will help you to handle heavier objects in the manufacturing industry. Selecting the best electrical reach forklift in KSA is a challenging task, as there is a sea of options available in the market. Each make and model is designed to perform numerous activities. However, it would help if you choose the right electric forklift based on design, durability, and productivity. At Kanoo machinery, we are ready to serve you with unparalleled customer service and supportive forklift design. Let's discuss some more facts that will help you rent or buy the best electric forklift for your business.

Forklift Truck Suppliers Saudi Arabia

It is essential for companies to invest in the right kind of equipment, for the best operational performance and stock management needs. Forklift trucks in particular are highly important for the best warehouse planning tasks.

Hand Pallet Trucks

Hand Pallet Trucks are essential equipment to use in warehouses. Many of our customers avail of the hand pallet trucks to improve their warehouse storage and management efficiency.

The products we offer are easy to handle and agile, with optimal load capacity for carrying heavy items or large amounts of goods safely. The handle pallet trucks are useful for short-distance transportation of items; very essential in managing limited warehouse spaces.

Hyster Forklift Saudi Arabia

Hyster is one of the leading providers of high-quality and tested mechanical equipment, tools, and machinery for industries. The company has been delivering high-level products for years, with advanced modifications coming up time and again. Our team at Kanoo Machinery supplies the advanced versions of Hyster Forklift Saudi Arabia for manufacturers engaged in multiple industries.

Order Picker Forklift

In the context of warehouse management, companies can benefit from order picking methods and equipment. This helps improve the supply chain process and allows them to manage their company procedures and warehouse inventory better. Firms can expect high-quality customer satisfaction, revenue increase, and time efficiency concerning their warehouse processes.

Heavy Duty Truck in Saudi Arabia

The heavyweight industry has proven to be the backbone of civilization for a long time now. It has created wonders. Be it enormous architectural shows, bridges for communication, or buildings for people to stay in, various heavyweight industries have been behind them.

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