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XCMG Excavator Saudi Arabia

Kanoo Machinery is a leading supplier of top-range equipment to companies at different levels and types of industrial markets. With our partnership with the Chinese manufacturing enterprise, XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. Ltd), our team currently supplies a wide range of industry-level machine components to various companies.

One of the main components that we supply is their series range of XCMG Excavator Saudi Arabia. Our company focuses on distributing well-tested top-quality machines and tools at pocket-friendly prices in KSA. Besides, you can also reach out to us and get after-sales maintenance and support with the Excavator series products. So, avail of our service soon.

Overview of the XCMG Excavator Series

XCMG produces top-range excavator equipment with a unique jib system. This works with plug-in boom head, embedded block, and the octagon jib structure contributes to the secure and efficient lifting ability of the equipment. Operators can easily and safely move large quantities of material with stable performance.

Also, the XCMG Excavator Saudi Arabia utilizes a specialized stretch and retract mechanism. This allows the cylinder and core pipe to not bend inappropriately, and any misoperation does not cause any breakage in the boom head. Both of these features allow for smooth and safe work performance.

The excavators also have eight patent practices that guarantee increased efficiency, smooth movements, and conserves energy during lifting, luffing, and rotational operations.

Range of Products Under the XCMG Excavator Saudi Arabia Series

XCMG offers multiple types of Excavators under this series, and our company supplies them to all clients. The following are the model choices available in the market of XCMG Excavator Saudi Arabia.

  • XE360U
  • XE300UF
  • XE250U
  • XE210U
  • XE150U
  • XE55U
  • XE35U

Important specifications of the XCMG Excavator series

  • 1.4 -1.8 m3 bucket capacity
  • Operational weight of 47,000 kg
  • 500 mm ground clearance
  • 11,246 mm length
  • 3,350 mm height
  • 3,190 mm width
  • Total displacement- 7.79 L
  • 872.8/2000 Nm maximum speed of the engine
  • Rated output power- 184/2000 KW/RPM
  • Maximum dumping height- 7,337 mm
  • Maximum digging height- 10,675 mm
  • Depth of digging (max.)- 11,631 mm
  • Depth of vertical digging (max.)- 6,545 mm
  • Maximum digging radius- 10,887 mm
  • Dragline Bucket
  • 2.1-2.5 m3 bucket capacity
  • Hydraulic Transmission
  • Electric Drive type
  • Maximum Unloading Height- 7,409 mm

Why Should You Invest in the XCMG Excavator Series Products?

XCMG or Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd., is one of the well-known producers of construction-related equipment both in the domestic Chinese market and worldwide. The company has been in this industry since 1943 and has since created advanced high-level equipment for various types of development activities.

XCMG is a leading competitor for construction machinery manufacturing, ranked fifth largest globally in a recent report. It is one of the largest enterprises in China, with its vast range of product and series offerings. The company focuses on unique solutions and tests its products well before launching to ensure a safe and consistent user experience.

Some of the solutions XCMG produces include:

  • Mining construction
  • Crane lifting
  • Road machinery
  • Tunnel and Underground Space Construction
  • Concrete equipment
  • MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform)
  • Transportation equipment

Our company, Kanoo Machinery provides a wide range of these industrial usage solutions to companies and additional after-sale support. If you are planning to purchase such products for your company, get in touch with our professionals. We prioritize our clients' requirements highly, and would help simplify this process for you!