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Mobile Cranes

Kanoo Machinery provides powerful and reliable industrial cranes, crane components and drivers for powerful & safe lifting applications in construction. Our company works with world’s leading manufacturers to offer a comprehensive range of solutions for all lifting projects. Our unparalleled service and comprehensive product offerings enable to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and performance.

Manitowoc sets the standard for lifting innovation. Manitowoc is committed to providing the most innovative, advanced and comprehensive range of lifting solutions with products that have long set the standard for excellence worldwide.

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Grove Mobile Telescopic Cranes

Grove is the world leader in mobile cranes. For nearly a century, Grove has delivered best-in-class performance and ground-breaking technology through its range of rough-terrain, all-terrain, truck-mounted, military, industrial and telescoping crawler cranes. With the most rigorous testing processes in the lifting industry, Grove’s well-earned reputation for quality and reliability remains unmatched in the lifting industry.

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Grove Mobile Telescopic All-Terrain Cranes

Grove all-terrain cranes are manufactured to the highest quality in the Wilhelmshaven factory, Germany. This facility, specializing in lean manufacturing techniques and complying with ISO9001 quality standards, is constantly developing processes to optimize reliability and durability through continuous improvement.

Grove all-terrain cranes deliver powerful lifting performance, superior off-road mobility and fast highway speeds. Combine these benefits with industry leading reliability, service and support and you’ll agree that Grove all-terrain cranes are a smart choice for your business.

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Kanoo Machinery joined forces with Hiab, the world's leading provider of on-road load handling equipment, intelligent services, smart and connected solutions to provide a complete range of world class equipment.

Loader Cranes

With Hiab loader cranes, Kanoo Machinery promises safety, cost efficiency and reliable performance. The world class safety features keep operators safe and in control, minimising risk to individuals or the environment.


  • Flex the flexibility
  • Reach new heights
  • Push up profitability

HIAB loader cranes lead the way with industry specific features and accessories that are adaptable to different environments and working conditions.


  • Construction
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Logistics
  • Municipalities and Public Care
  • Oil & Gas
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Carrydeck Cranes
Compact industrial cranes are used for plant maintenance and material handling jobs. Simple to operate, these units feature carry decks and...
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Rough-Terrain Cranes
Grove rough terrain cranes are designed to handle the toughest jobsite conditions with lift capacities ranging from 30 t to 150
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Telescoping Crawler Cranes
Quick set-up is a feature of Grove TMs along with long reach, high-capacity booms and highway speed travel capabilities...
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Truck-Mounted Cranes
Quick set-up is a feature of Grove TMs along with long reach, high-capacity booms and highway speed travel capabilities. A front...
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HIAB J14S deliver what the US market expects, and more, with transformational safety, reliability and performance. The column design combines a lighter weight with space efficiency
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HIAB J24S deliver what the US market expects, and more, with transformational safety, reliability and performance. The column design combines a lighter weight with space efficiency.
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The HIAB X-CLX 044 represents the ‘mainstream’ workhorse in the light range segment of loader cranes. The CLX driven cranes are one of the best non CE manual control systems that...
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The HIAB X-DUO 044 light segment crane is built to last. The manually driven advanced Duo control system gives you a wide range of options, making safety and practicality the heart...
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The HIAB X-HiDuo 046 is an ‘optimal performance’ light segment loader crane. HiDuo control system is the best price-performance remote controlled system you can choose, ...
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The HIAB X-CL 6 is the ideal ‘access’ model to the light range segment of crane models. CL control system versions are straight to the point, delivering a simple to operate...
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Grove Cranes Saudi Arabia

Kanoo Machinery is a major manufacturer of industrial equipment, offering a wide range of goods and services. Thanks to our committed staff and expert service, we distribute a wide selection of products through our extensive network with industry-leading brands to meet any industrial purpose. Kanoo Machinery manufactures industrial cranes that are both powerful and safe to use in the construction industry. Our firm collaborates with world-class manufacturers such as Grove cranes in Saudi Arabia to provide a wide variety of lifting solutions for all projects. Our unrivaled service and broad product portfolio enable us to reach the most outstanding performance and efficiency.

HIAB Truck in Saudi Arabia

Kanoo Machinery has teamed up with Hiab, the world's top manufacturer of on-road load handling equipment, intelligent services, smart and connected solutions, to offer a comprehensive line of world-class machinery. Kanoo Machinery offers safety, cost-effective and dependable performance with a HIAB crane. The industry-leading safety measures keep operators safe and in control, reducing the danger to people and the environment. HIAB truck, Saudi Arabia, are the industry leaders, having industry-specific features and attachments that can be adjusted to various settings and operating situations.

Manitowoc Saudi Arabia

Kanoo Machinery manufactures strong and dependable industrial crawler cranes, crane components and crane drivers for construction lifting applications. Our firm collaborates with renowned manufacturers worldwide, such as Manitowoc, Saudi Arabia, to provide a variety of lifting solutions for all projects. Our unrivaled service and wide product portfolio enable us to attain the most significant levels of efficiency and productivity.

Rough Terrain Mobile Crane in Saudi Arabia

Kanoo Machinery, a leading rental business for rough terrain mobile crane in Saudi Arabia, offers one of the most up-to-date fleets with cutting-edge profiles that provide you with dependability, efficiency, and quality. Whatever your purpose for renting a crane, we will assist you in selecting the best one for the task. Rest assured, Kanoo Machinery has an excellent track record of investing in the most up-to-date cranes, matched only by our highly qualified crane professionals' dedication, knowledge, and competency. The design of the crane is customer-focused for maximum durability and versatility, and can be used for a wide range of tasks.

The Industrial Crane in Saudi Arabia

The crane industry has come up with some great crane designs over the years, each one designed specifically to aid the work of different industries. The main objective of cranes is to reduce the manual labour required for heavy-load industries by minimising the amount of load that workers need to pick by hand, the distances they need to travel manually or the heights they need to reach.

Telescopic Crawler Crane in Saudi Arabia

With the evolution of the world and science, human beings are busy changing the world around them every day in the hope of creating a better planet and a more developed world. The industrial sector is also evolving rapidly, and so are its requirements. Science and technology are coming out with innovations that break new boundaries.

Loader Crane in Saudi Arabia

The heavy-lifting industries struggle to get their work done every day. While it is an essential global industry, it also has several challenges that accompany the work. The pieces of machinery and materials used in this industry are heavy. The heights are also enormous; these factors combine to make the entire structure risky and full of never-ending challenges.

Telehandler Crane in Saudi Arabia

In our ever-evolving world where new technological advances are made every day, machinery equipment evolves by leaps and bounds. They keep developing to reach better working capacity and increase efficiency and make it easier for the workers to handle, move, and get the best out of them to attain the perfection in their work that they so desire.