rough terrain forklift

Knowing when to deactivate a forklift is a difficult decision. You should not discard apparatus that is still in good condition. But a forklift that is sluggish or freque

You can read online that the “right” time to replace your lift vehicle is when it has reached its economic end of life.  However, how do you ascertain when this occurs?

rough terrain forklift

In the first year of ownership, a new rough terrain forklift should incur minimal to no maintenance costs. Over time, however, this cost will reach an hourly rate that exceeds its utility.

Should You Retire Your Old Forklift or Trade It In?

The optimal time to sell or trade in a used forklift is prior to reaching 10,000 hours or seven years of use. Keep in mind that electric forklifts typically last longer than internal combustion engine (ICE) lift vehicles.

If you manage a business with multiple shifts, you should consider trading in your equipment sooner. With efficiency, durability, and ergonomic improvements, a new forklift can rapidly pay for itself. A fast Internet search or phone call to TMHNC will reveal the approximate value of your equipment. Even if you are not ready to sell, you will be aware of the resale value and can compare it to the cost of ownership. When the annual maintenance cost approaches or exceeds the resale value, it’s time to get rid of the truck, according to some fleet managers.

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4 Indications You Need a New Forklift

Keeping a watch on a forklift’s performance and condition is crucial to determining when it should be replaced. Some indicators are readily apparent, while others require more attention.

When visual inspections uncover defects

As part of your safety and preventative maintenance protocols, forklifts should be inspected regularly. Observing visible cracks during an inspection is a sign that you need to replace your lift vehicle. Additionally, you should examine the prongs for excessive wear or distortion. Any exposed wiring, leaking hydraulics, or slack cables could indicate that a replacement is necessary.

When Working Conditions Are Difficult

If your forklift carries its utmost load the majority of the time, it will likely wear out more quickly. Similarly, forklifts operating in extreme temperatures or in environments with excessive pollution experience increased strain on vital components such as hydraulics. Those who must continuously halt, turn, and start can also require more frequent replacement. If these conditions apply to your business, be sure to conduct regular, thorough forklift inspections to prevent problems from occurring.

rough terrain forklift

Upon Completing 8,000 to 10,000 Working Hours

Despite not being a hard-and-fast rule, this benchmark appears to be the industry norm, most likely because costs of repair tend to outweigh benefits at this point. A cost-per-hour analysis can help determine if this is accurate; when you consider the actual costs of downtime, the lower maintenance and repair costs of a new or gently used unit can be worth the investment.

When Safety Becomes an Issue

In order to safeguard their employees and assets, businesses prioritize safe operations. New forklifts feature several advancements in safety technology, and if older models cannot be modified, altering regulations can affect them.

Similarly, forklifts exhibiting mechanical issues can pose safety risks, such as when a cargo shifts due to a rough operation. When repair is not possible, replacement is the only viable option.