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Combi-WR Walkie Reach Stacker

Companies invest in machinery like reach stackers to manage their inventory loads and container arrangement. Thereafter, this ensures better organization of goods and a more open warehouse space. Our company specializes in delivering different types of industrial machinery and tools that can benefit our client companies with these concerns.

If you are looking for high-quality products like Combi-WR Walkie Reach-Stacker Saudi Arabia, reach out to us for equipment installation and support!

What is the Combi-WR Walkie Reach Stacker?

The Combi-WR is a purpose-built reach stacker (pedestrian level) with a 1,450 kg lift capacity. It can operate well inside a VNA aisle as narrow as 2.1m and makes the process of moving and managing items simple and efficient.

The multi-position tiller allows for a push-button option that is useful for target rear wheel movement. You can operate it easily and turn the real wheel in a rotational manner parallel with the chassis and then back to the original position.

Our clients have a high demand for Combi-WR Walkie Reach-Stacker Saudi Arabia. This is because they can carry out their tasks from a safe position while navigating through the narrow aisle when using the walkie reach stackers. They can pick and place the items on the shelves or rack beams with a better viewpoint and thereby reduce accident or damage risk.

Use of Walkie Reach Stackers

To note, the walkie reach stackers are a common product choice for a lot of the clients our company caters to. In terms of the design, most of the walkie reach stackers have similarities to the Straddle stacker model. However, the walkie reach-stackers have a pantographic-type scissor mast component fit. This allows the mast to carry the product load, pushing them ahead of the stacker machine body to put the items on racks.

Our clients invest in this product for their use in particular applications - such as utility vehicles, loading trailers, and trucks. Most of the operational ability of the Combi-WR Walkie Reach-Stacker in Saudi Arabia extends to lifting mid-level sized racking applications. Generally, the average lifting height of the stacker type reaches between 2,565 - 4,547 mm.

Specifications of the Combi-WR Walkie Reach Stacker Truck

  • The Combi-WR Walkie Reach Stacker can operate inside of warehouse aisles, at a 79” aisle-width, pallet to pallet.
  • The product has a multi-position tiller component
  • Patent for the product is pending- international application code- PCT/EP2012/067238
  • Users can opt for the 4-way variety of the Combi-WR Walkie Reach Truck; i.e., Combi-WR4.

Features of the Combi-WR Walkie Reach Stacker

The following are the notable features of the Combi-WR Walkie Reach-Stacker Saudi Arabia.

  • Lift height: 3,000 – 4,900 mm
  • Length: 1,950 mm
  • Height: 2,100 – 3,050 mm
  • Width: 1,320 – 1,512 mm
  • AC Motor powered electric technology
  • Load capacity: 1,450 kg
  • Pantograph
  • 3”/3” side shift
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Power steering
  • High load (39”) back rest
  • Multi-position tiller

Benefits of the Combi-WR Walkie Reach-Stacker

  • The machine can operate between 2.1 m aisle space due to the pantograph reach and compact dimensions of the reach stacker model.
  • The multi-position tiller (patented) ensures smooth and accurate movement due to properties like electronic-power steering, operator screen, and fingertip controls.
  • Turtle/rabbit switch controls the operational speed to two levels

If you are interested in getting a Combi-WR Walkie Reach-Stacker model for your industrial and warehouse management, get in touch with us as soon as possible! Also, talk to our experts if you have any difficulties or need maintenance help.