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Order Picker Forklift

In the context of warehouse management, companies can benefit from order picking methods and equipment. This helps improve the supply chain process and allows them to manage their company procedures and warehouse inventory better. Firms can expect high-quality customer satisfaction, revenue increase, and time efficiency concerning their warehouse processes.

At Kanoo Machinery, our supply managers offer high-quality options for Order Picker Forklift Saudi Arabia. Expect equipment that increases the safety and stability of warehousing conditions. Our clients can use the models to handle container and goods transfer quickly and efficiently through the narrow aisle areas.

Activities like the pickup and delivery of goods occur systematically. The companies we have partnered with have noticed better work efficacy and precise product handling with the order picker forklifts.

Benefits of Order Picker Forklifts for Companies

Companies that use order picker forklifts notice robust machine capability and higher manoeuvrability instead of regular aluminium masts. These pieces of equipment are best for distribution centres and warehouses, and have high load capacity. Users can reach the tall racks easily to move the containers and pallets.

Additionally, you would notice less rack impact and will be able to move through the narrow warehouse aisles smoothly. Most of the order picker forklifts have properties like double rail and wire guidance systems. A lot of the order picker models we deliver run on technology that improves system speed, assess and optimize lift heights, and maintain safety during operations.

Types of Order Picker Forklift

Our company specializes in the production, maintenance, and supply of different types of order picker lift trucks.

VNA Man-up Battery Trucks (OPDS15)

  • Regenerative systems with consumption reduction and energy-saving properties
  • Three-point support- steering ability, minimal turning ratio, and centre of gravity is low
  • Smart management system
  • High-strength mast
  • AC drive technology
  • Multi-axis control technology
  • Self-balancing control

Electric Order Pickers (Low Level)

  • The lifting height of the platform can reach 1.2 m
  • Advanced electronic steering condition for effortless movements
  • Storage capacity in compartment- 60+ kg
  • Small-scale turning radius
  • Ergonomic controls and design
  • Electromagnetic/regenerative brakes

Electric Order Pickers (High Level)

  • Stability due to low machine centre of gravity
  • Integrated multi-control feature for operational tasks like steering, load handling, rack raising/lowering, movement
  • Electric-powered technology for flexible, accurate, and silent steering ability
  • Automatic buffer oil cylinder deceleration at 500 mm height
  • AC motor technology
  • Protective battery settings- low voltage
  • Steel mast channel

OPSM Order-Picking Trucks (light)

  • Automatic deceleration at 0.5 m lifting height or more
  • Compact system design
  • Independent fingertip controls for speed, lifting, acceleration, and emergency stop
  • Adjustable tray height
  • Safety protection

Straddle Order Pickers (4-Wheeler)

  • 4-wheeler build for moving through narrow aisle areas
  • Height reach of 214” – 366”
  • High load capacity- can carry heavy pallet loads at 3,000 lb
  • 24 V power capacity

Platform and Cart Order Pickers (4-Wheeler)

  • Heavy-duty lift trucks for long and bulky load management
  • Best for departmental store or furniture warehouses
  • 210" – 366" forklift height
  • 1,500 lbs load capacity
  • 215” – 371” platform lift height
  • 24 V power capacity

Are you interested in purchasing a high-quality precision-rich order picker model for warehouse and distribution centre management? Reach out to our experts for the best order picker forklift options in the market.

We suggest you consider points like the size and volume orders/products and other warehouse measurements (aisles and space) before choosing an order picker model. We can help you make this decision!