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Aisle Master Articulated Forklift

With world class products from Aisle Master, Kanoo Machinery provides cost-effective solutions to all materials handling problems. You can be sure that you are investing in the best quality in the market when buying an Aisle-Master articulated forklift.


The main benefits of AC electric include enhanced performance levels, leading to increased pallet movements for greater productivity and improved acceleration and gradeability.


Aisle Master is acknowledged as the pioneer of LPG power in the articulated forklift sector. The main benefit of LPG is reduced emissions levels, ideal for indoor and outdoor operation, making it useful for trucks that are used in almost all industries, even the most emission conscientious.


Aisle Master’s cold store model keeps you warm and productive in a cold climate. The fully enclosed, high visibility cab keeps drivers warm, reducing the time needed for breaks and increasing productivity.

Ac electric aisle master
All Aisle Master’s electric powered models now benefit from AC technology as standard. This puts the company firmly at the forefront of battery powered technology in the articulated sector.
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Aisle master lpg
Aisle Master is acknowledged as the pioneer of LPG power in the articulated forklift sector. Aisle Masters are fitted with a closed loop fuel system as standard, to improve emissions and fuel economy whilst
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Cold store aisle master
The cost of cold store and temperature-controlled warehousing operations is much higher than that of ambient warehousing, making space saving more crucial than ever.
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Combi-wr walkie reach-stacker
The Combi-WR is the first purpose built pedestrian reach-stacker with the capability to operate in a VNA working aisle – down to 2.1 m. This is achieved through a unique patented multi-position... Capacity - 4000 kg - 4040 mm kg
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AC Electric Aisle-Master

Storage management is an important concern that many companies consider, in the context of ensuring more space for goods and organized inventory arrangement. For this, our team at Kanoo Machinery delivers different types of machinery and tools that are helpful for warehouse planning and management.

Cold Store Aisle-Master

Investing in temperature-controlled cold store warehousing solutions is one of the major interest points of multiple companies. Our firm offers such solutions, at affordable costs and with a high-performance guarantee.