self propelled lifts

A man lift is a specialized aerial work platform (AWP) designed to safely lift workers and their equipment in indoor and outdoor construction locations. They are distinguished from other aerial lifts, such as boom lifts, by their size, aspect, and function.

Man lifts are frequently referred to as man lifts, personal lifts, and personnel lifts within the industry. There are three distinct varieties of man lifts, including self-propelled, push-around, and belt-driven models. All differ in size and specialty.

Understanding the various varieties of man lifts can be difficult. They all share similar characteristics but serve distinct purposes.

In this article, we will investigate the various types of man lifts, the features they offer, and the optimal applications for each. The three primary kinds of man lifts are as follows:

self propelled lifts

The Self-Propelled Man raises.

The self-propelled lift is the smallest of the available options. The diminutive lift can elevate a single individual and a set of equipment 15 to 20 feet in the air. It is simple to maneuver through doorways due to its size.

Self-propelled man lifts reach ladder heights but has a more stable base. The collapsible frame is suitable for indoor, small-scale projects requiring a moderate height increase.

Men’s Push-Around Lifts

Compared to self-propelled models, push-type man lifts are marginally larger. They can reach heights between 15 and 50 feet, allowing a single worker and his or her equipment to access restricted areas such as between rafters or alongside an HVAC unit. Even photographers can use the push-around man lift to observe crowds from above.

The lift’s collapsible structure and hydraulic wheels make it simple for one or two individuals to maneuver it through doorways and along corridors. Push-around man lifts have retractable outrigger legs that stabilize the base and prevent toppling due to the light frame (200-to-400-pound weight capacity) and vertical reach.

Atrium (Belt) Man lifts

The Atrium man lifts, also referred to as compact crawler lifts, are the largest of the category. The lift is optimal for outdoor construction locations. The retractable legs and tank-like drive tracks allow the atrium to rest securely on unstable surfaces such as sand, mud, and dirt.

The extended neck can attain heights greater than 11 meters and rotate 360 degrees. The jib joint enables maneuverability around obstacles such as trees and utility lines. Some varieties of atrium man lifts are powered by batteries, while others operate on gasoline or diesel.

self propelled lifts

What Is a Manlift’s Jib?

A jib is an extension of the arm that incorporates an additional joint for an increased range of motion. The operators can easily travel up and down, left, and right. The cantilever function is also available on the atrium lift and the boom lift.

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