Warehouse Logistics Handling Solutions

Types of Warehouse Equipment and Machinery

Warehouse operations are heavily reliant on equipment. From simplest shelves to full-fledged logistics equipment, you will need a range of material handling solutions to keep your operations running smoothly. Since warehouse operations consist of four major types of activities — movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and products, you will need different types of equipment to ensure proper functioning across all fronts.

Warehouse Logistics Handling Solutionsand other similar types of equipment are used in material handling and other operations. However, to ensure maximum productivity, you must use the best equipment. In this article, we will look at four categories of products and how they can help you keep your operations running smoothly. Being aware of all different types of equipment will allow you to make an informed choice and boost efficiency in your operations. There are four major categories of equipment that includes:

Warehouse Logistics Handling Solutions

Storage and Handling Equipment

Warehouse storage can be both of bulk or rack variety. These units are self-explanatory and are used for both storage and handling purposes. They are used to store material at a time when they are not being used. The material that is stored on this equipment is usually waiting to be entered in the production cycle or waiting to be transported. Some of the most common pieces that are used in storage and handling equipment are:

  1. Drawers, shelves, bins – These are the most basic storage items that are commonly used to store smaller materials in an organized manner.
  2. Racks – Racks allow companies to store materials in inaccessible locations, and they save floor space.
  3. Stacking frames- There are interlocking units that allow the employees to stack materials without being crushed.

In most cases, rack warehouse storage equipment includes pallet racks and wire decking, heavy-duty shelving, reel racking, and drive-in racking as well. These systems allow the employees to use the existing storage space optimally and ensure their ability to navigate through tight corridors as well.

Transfer and Transportation

Warehouse Logistics Handling Solutions are used for transfer and transportation. These materials involve lifts and trucks. Etc. Units ranging from pallet jacks, hand trucks, scissor lifts, stackers, etc. You can also find a range of special designs such as narrow-aisle forklifts that will be perfect for high-density storage schemes. These vehicles are commonly used in the moving and transportation of materials. In some cases, you will find these solutions to be fully automated, and in other cases, they are run manually by employees. Some of the most common examples of Warehouse Logistics Handling Solutions include:

  1. Hand trucks- These trucks are also known as dollies. They are simple-to-use, L-shaped devices that allow you to carry materials at a tilt.
  2. Side-loaders- These units are used to load materials in narrow aisles where other trucks might be too wide to enter.
  3. Pallet trucks- These units are either hand-operated or electric and help the operations to life pallets. They slide into pallets and move them.
  4. Walkie stackers- These transport units are similar to a forklift, though they don’t have a place for any operator to ride in. These units can be found in both powered and manual versions. 
  5. Order pickers- These are vehicles that can lift workers or staff members out of the ground and allow them to grab packages that are placed higher than the normal range. 
  6. Platform trucks- These units are similar to dollies, but they feature a wide platform.
  7. Forklifts- These are operational vehicles that are used to lift and transport heavy items.

Warehouse Logistics Handling Solutions

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Picking, Packing, and Palletizing

Picking operations can be done for both individual and multiple orders, this is known as batch picking. The picking equipment is used in addition to Warehouse Logistics Handling Solutions. Order picker forklifts are designed and used to elevate both pallets and operators to the level of the racked goods. These units are used in bulk material handling. Some of the most common equipment includes:

  1. Stackers and reclaimers – These are large machines that are used to dump things into piles, and pick them up again.
  2. Hoppers – These units are used to store material and they can use to exact quantities out to the bottom.
  3. Grain elevators – These units include a series of buckets on a track that will automatically transport materials to the right buildings where they can be classified into different silos.
  4. Bucket elevators – These are similar to grain elevators, this device features buckets that can be used to transport large amounts of materials.
  5. Conveyor belts – These units are moving belts that transport materials. These units can be combined into more complicated systems that are considered engineered systems.
  6. Dump trucks – These are also a type of warehouse logistics handling solution.
  7. Rotary car dumper – These devices have the potential to turn a rail car to dump out its contents.


These types of equipment are used for warehouse management. These units allow you to keep tabs on materials and goods from one place to another. These units include everything from mobile workstations to handheld devices. Warehouse workers are able to manage and move the products warehouse logistics handling solutions. The presence of barcoding and RFID tags can also be used to further streamline the process.

Final Words

Warehouse equipment and machines are essential units, and these units can help you streamline your warehousing equipment in no time. There are several types of equipment that can be used to streamline every area of warehousing operations. If you are looking for a trusted company to find the best Warehouse Logistics Handling Solutions, have a look at Kanoo Machinery. We are among the leading providers in the industry and can help you find the best equipment. Browse our website to have a look at all the options we offer or get in touch with our team at km100.uae@kanoo.com.

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