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Cold Store Aisle-Master

Investing in temperature-controlled cold store warehousing solutions is one of the major interest points of multiple companies. Our firm offers such solutions, at affordable costs and with a high-performance guarantee.

Typically, the cost of such warehousing solutions is normally very high, especially in comparison to ambient warehousing. Thus, for brands, saving their costs in space management is necessary.

You should seriously consider using Cold Store Aisle-Master Saudi Arabia. This equipment would not only help moderate the internal cab temperature to a satisfactory degree but would also improve your productivity rates.

Interested in utilizing the service? We would help you set up the system and ultimately improve your warehousing condition.

Overview on Combilift-centric Aisle-Master Equipment

Combilift has created the Aisle-Master range for the benefit of organizations and manufacturers with space management. Combilift is known for developing state-of-the-art solutions that can securely, swiftly, and easily handle warehousing resources like containers, pallets and long loads.

To note, every electric-powered model under Aisle-Master currently runs on AC technology. As a result, inside the articulated sector, this company is one of the leading contributors to advancements in battery power technology.

What Is a Cold Store Aisle-master and Why Is It Necessary to Use It?

Combilift has collaborated with many industry leaders over the years to advance their models with specific benefits. Their equipment and tools like the Cold Store Aisle-Master Saudi Arabia that we offer ensure top-level storage density.

The temperature control aspect allows the cab drivers to stay comfortably within their sitting area while driving the machine. This improves their productivity level, increases their attention span/focus, and reduces continuous breaks.

Benefits of Using Cold Store Aisle-Master

Companies that use the Cold Store Aisle-Master Saudi Arabia equipment notice many advantages. The cab space stays at a pleasant temperature which improves the comfort level and the work performance quality of the operators. Additionally, these solutions also increase the performance rate of the equipment.

Workers can properly move the pallets with proper gradeability and speed. The operational quality is safe; machine operators are less likely to get into accidents or notice too much damage in the products while moving the stacks. The Cold Store Aisle-Master Saudi Arabia has a low number of wearable parts. This diminishes downtime highly and companies notice less need to handle continuous maintenance.

All of these benefits prompt customers to avail of our offers; you should try them out as well. We have worked with many organizations over the years and improved their production levels and operations with our solutions.

Notable Features of Cold Store Aisle-Master

  • The cab windows are heated, which ensures reduced condensation build-up during the equipment operation. It does not clash with the room temperature in the warehouse.
  • There are standard LED work lights with low energy.
  • There is a spot in the cap for barcode scanning.

Product Specifications

  • Electric motor fuel type
  • Articulated forklifts (type of machinery)
  • Minimum width- 1,600 mm
  • Life height- 4,300 – 15,000 mm
  • Load capacity of 1,500 – 2500 kg
  • Length- 2,780 mm
  • Height- 2,270 mm

For any additional help and questions after using the equipment, contact our support staff. We are always there to assist and improve the overall experience of our clients!