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AC Electric Aisle-Master

Storage management is an important concern that many companies consider, in the context of ensuring more space for goods and organized inventory arrangement. For this, our team at Kanoo Machinery delivers different types of machinery and tools that are helpful for warehouse planning and management.

To improve the functionality of the forklifts and stacker machinery, you can opt for the Combilift-centric Aisle-Master equipment. To note, we offer different electric-powered models from Aisle-Master with AC technology integration.

You can improve your operational capacity and performance level with the advanced powered technology of AC Electric Aisle-Master Saudi Arabia.

Our company offers various types of high-quality machinery with AC technology. If you want to use them or have doubts regarding their operation, reach out to our experts. We will help you to understand your options, optimize your machine performance, and avoid errors quickly.

What is the AC Electric Aisle-Master from Combilift?

The range of solutions we deliver related to AC Electric Aisle-Master Saudi Arabia are products of Combilift.

This company is one of the best available service providers in the market for manufacturing and designing space-saving, secure, and unique handling solutions. The applications of the AC Electric Aisle-Master involve managing and swiftly organizing crucial warehouse items like containers, pallets, and long loads.

Combilift is known as a global leader in articulated VNA aisle technology. The company has experience in manufacturing these solutions and can expertly operate them to ensure fewer operating costs and more storage capacity.

If you are looking for options under the AC Electric Aisle-Master Saudi Arabia branch, talk to us. Our company works on the production and distribution of such equipment types for companies in multiple industries. Over the years, our clients have taken our help with satisfactory results.

Suitable Industries for AC Electric Aisle-Master

We cater to clients specializing in different industries like:

  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Building supply/DIY materials
  • Heavy manufacturing

Specifications of AC Electric Aisle-Master

The following are important specifications related to AC Electric Aisle-Master Saudi Arabia that you should keep in mind.

  • Equipment type- Articulating Mast
  • 2,270 mm overheard guard
  • Mast range of 4,300 – 15,000 mm
  • Laden Lift Speed- 0.4 m/s
  • Unladen Lift Speed- 0.5 m/s
  • KAB Standard seat
  • 16 kph ground speed
  • 1,500 – 2,500 kg capacity
  • Laden gradeability- 12%
  • Unladen gradeability- 15%
  • Tire size- front: 412 x 174 mm; rear: 457 x 178/229 mm
  • Battery capacity- 620 – 930 Ah
  • Battery voltage- 48 V

Advantages of Using AC Electric Aisle-Master

You would experience a higher level of performance from your workers and warehousing control after utilizing AC Electric Aisle-Master Saudi Arabia from us. This would help improve the productivity level of the pallet movements. Additionally, the gradeability and acceleration rates would also get a boost. The AC electric consists of a low number of wearable parts. So, you would experience a diminished amount of downtime and fewer maintenance requirements.

Other benefits include:

  • Less amount of energy consumption
  • Simple and fast removal of batteries
  • Choose batteries with 620/775/930 amp-hour capacity
  • 19.5 KW AC traction motor
  • Operator cab is ergonomically designed

Planning to make a switch to utilising AC Electric Aisle-Master? Get in touch with our experts for guidance, service, and support anytime!