Top 5 Most Important Uses of Heavy-Duty Trucks

You might have heard of heavy-duty trucks, but do you know their uses specifically?

If not, then you have come to the right destination. Today Kanoo Machinery unveils the 5 most important uses of heavy-duty trucks.

Heavy-duty trucks are mainly large heavy dump trucks and concrete pump trucks. They are capable of transporting massive weights of cargo.

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Below are the top 5 uses of heavy-duty trucks.


Mainly every business owner, company, and government agency that usually uses many vehicles to operate more often have their towing services to move vehicles when they get disabled on the road. Heavy-duty trucks are widely used for this purpose.


A heavy-duty truck always comes in demand when you shift and move from one location to another. Heavy-duty trucks can stand all the weight and transport more than the combined weight of all your home belongings.


Need to pull something heavy over a long distance? Need to transport something humongous? You need a heavy-duty hauling truck. It is laced with a heavy-duty hook & chain made for hauling heavy objects like cars.


Mainly soft drinks & beverages are transported by heavy-duty trucks contained in long delivery trailers with roll-up doors. They mostly travel long distances and arrive at destinations with products in the best of conditions. So, groceries and other products from the manufacturers can also be delivered using these trucks. In the construction industry, heavy-duty trucks are commonly used to transport building materials, from lumber and bricks to scaffolding and steel beams. One of the essential benefits of using heavy-duty trucks to transport these materials is that they can easily be loaded and unloaded.


Garbage trucks are built to collect garbage and haul it to a landfill or a solid waste incineration facility. There are just a few types of this truck. So, the front loader, rear loader, and side loader help to tell where each would load the waste collected.

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