boomlift in dubai, uae

8 Must-Know Safety Tips Before Choosing the Best Boom Lift Company in Dubai

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Boom lifts are an integral constituent required for the successful deployment and completion of various construction projects. Meanwhile, considering the scale, size, and layout of the equipment, it serves as a potential risk when safety protocols aren’t put in place. But to keep the protocols in check you can refer to these 8 safety tips that are critical to the ideal operation of boom lifts. Implementing them in the right way can help avert accidents, substantial damage, and liabilities.

boomlift in dubai, uae
  1. Adhere to a clean base and circumference

    When in use, the circumference and base of the boom lift must not be surrounded by a person, so that in case of an accidental tool drop, no one gets injured. In some unfortunate instances, the boom lift might even topple over, and having a person around at that time might lead to regrettable consequences. Hence, keeping the adjacent area clear of manpower would ensure overall safety in unprecedented circumstances.

  2. Deployed trained mechanics

    Onboarding trained mechanics in the operation of boom lifts who adhere to safety measures and possess relevant knowledge on the same can preserve the safety of the construction site. Analyzing the skills of new employees with practical assignments can help identify the probable backlogs and address them way before final disposal on the field.

  3. Put on the belt

    While it’s unlikely that a worker might fall off the floor, even a light jerk from an object or tool during operation can disbalance the surface causing one to fall from above. That said, even strong winds can trigger a mishap. Hence, strapping the safety belt is always essential.
    Kanoo Machinery is one of the trusted legacies offering high-quality boom lifts around the UAE and in Dubai that are designed by qualified and experienced professionals. The brand has been serving clients from the Gulf Cooperation Council.

    boomlift in dubai, uae

  4. Stick to the weight limit

    Each boom lift has its weight capacity. Going beyond the actual cap even in the slightest terms can exert an increased load on the dias, thus, making it turn upside down. To avoid such mischance, one should always calculate the weight of the machine operator and other equipment on the dias in total as against the restricted capacity. Either way, the boom lift doesn’t allow heavy lifting of resources on its podium. 

  5. Avoid climbing or sitting on the outer fringes

    When positioned on the surface of the boom lift, it’s easy to incline so that one can climb on the edge to access an area instead of shifting the whole boom lift. The shortcut action can however compromise one’s guard beyond understanding. It’s always wise to reach out to inaccessible places only with the deployment of the boom lift.

  6. Don’t use boom lift in windy weather

    Elevating the boom lift to an extreme height can impact the safety norms, especially in gusty weather as it can topple the equipment completely. Hence it’s better to restrict its use in bad climatic conditions. Every boom lift caters to a specific resistance level of winds. Going through the user manual of any boom lift can equip the operator with the necessary implications and restrictions to phase out the deployment policy in rough weather conditions.

  7. Deploy on equal ground 

    Placing the boom lift on even ground and a firm foundation can warrant safety for both the operator and the people working on site. To achieve steadiness, the right usage of brakes can work wonders even on uneven grounds, but operating it on the rough and uneven grounds should be avoided at all times.

  8. Move the boom lift duly

    It’s crucial to study the user’s manual carefully before using the boom lift. The approach will aid in successful conduct in every mindful situation. Moving it in extended mode casts a menace of serious injury. Ideally, one should lower the boom lift, move it and raise the platform as per the requirement.
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