What is a Genset & What Is It Used For?

A generator set or commonly known as “Genset”, is a piece of portable equipment, consisting of an engine and an alternator/electric generator that is used to provide energy. Gensets are often used in developing areas and other areas that are not connected to the power grid; places where power outages are frequent; and/or where an outage can cause significant or dangerous problems. They can serve as the main source of energy or as a supplementary power source during peak usage hours.

What Is a Genset Used for?

Today, from Wi-Fi and communications to lighting and climate control, businesses and homes require a steady stream of power to function.

Diesel gensets can add an extra layer of security in the event of cutouts or power outages. Standby generators can keep critical systems running at medical facilities, businesses, and homes in case utility power gets knocked out. Gensets also can provide a self-contained power supply in remote places which are off the power grid. These include construction sites, campsites, rural areas, and even mines deep underground. They enable people to harness the power to build, explore or do anything that needs electricity.

There are different types of electric generators. All have similar components, require some type of fuel like diesel generating sets, require diesel, and are set in a base frame.

How Does a Diesel Genset Work?

Generators work in a similar way that cars do. They have an engine and an alternator.

The engine converts diesel into mechanical energy and this mechanical energy spins the alternator rotor to create electrical energy.

Alternators have two parts: a rotor and a stator. When the rotor spins, a magnetic field between the rotor and stator creates a voltage (electromagnetic induction). When the voltage on the stator connects to a load, it creates a stable electrical current.

Benefits of Gensets

If your home or business is served by aging power plants or lines, then you are already familiar with disruptions. It’s the same if you live or work in a region prone to extreme weather events like hurricanes or blizzards.

Losing power means your operations will shut down. For businesses, any interruptions or downtime can lead to major financial losses.

Consequently, there are numerous benefits associated with using a diesel Genset.

  • Can be used as a primary or backup power source.
  • Serves as the main source of power for construction projects or remote operations.
  • Operates as an emergency power source in the event of an unexpected grid power outage.
  • Provides protection against brownouts, which can be disruptive.
  • Produces savings for areas where peak grid demand is high — and, as a result, costly.

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