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Finding the Right Aerial Lift for Your Business

Aerial lifts, also known as aerial work platforms, are tools you can use at above-ground height. They are much more stable and accommodating than a ladder, yet more mobile and temporary than scaffolding.

The Aerial Work Platforms UAE (AWPs) have gained popularity in the manufacturing or construction industries owing to their ability to reach higher working areas. These heights are otherwise not reachable by ladders, ropes, or other traditional pieces of equipment.

Investing in the right aerial lift for your business is a vital factor for maximizing your ROI. In today’s Kanoo Machinery blog, we decode the factors for the best aerial work platform in UAE for your business.

Job Location

Where will you use the aerial lift? Is the job indoors or outdoors? Location plays a vital role when buying or renting aerial lifts. Low-emission electric aerial lifts deliver a quiet, convenient solution for sound-sensitive indoor environments, such as office buildings, retail stores, hotels, and schools. Internal combustion scissor lifts and boom lifts offer efficient outdoor functionality of applications, such as muddy construction sites.


What kind of work does the aerial lift need to perform? Typically, electric scissor lifts are best suited for indoor applications, such as factory floors, hangers, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and galleries and warehouses. Electric lifts are standard in indoor environments, but they also work well outdoors or in any environment with a hard-level surface.

aerial work platform in UAE

Work Height

How high do you want the aerial work platform in UAE to go? To determine the right platform height, you must first assess how much your work height is. That varies depending on the area where you are working. Aerial lifts such as Electric scissor lifts can reach a maximum height of 40 feet. Rough-terrain scissor lifts can access heights of up to 53 feet.

Power Source

What is your preferred power source? Battery or fuel? Battery-powered electric scissor lifts are great for indoor and retail environments because electric energy is clean and free of pollution. Electric aerial lifts utilize deep-cycle and have battery chargers that automatically turn off when the battery gets discharged. Electric models are usually light and reduce wear on flooring. They also feature smooth wheel surfaces designed to leave no tracks.

Internal combustion engine models are great for construction work where heavy-duty outdoor use is standard. The engine provides the horsepower to produce the hydraulic pressure and flow necessary for high performance.

aerial work platform in Dubai, UAE

The Best Aerial Lifts in UAE | Aerial Work Platforms in UAE

The key to choosing the right aerial equipment is to talk to an expert. With years of experience and a vast inventory, Kanoo Machinery can help you make the best decision for your business or project. Talk to us now. Call us at 971 4 237 9900 or +971 4 526 1153

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