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Why you should go for Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) System

Real estate has become costlier than ever. So, what to do when you have outgrown your space or come across a shortage of warehouses?

Very narrow aisle UAE is just the right solution for those looking to add storage space and use the existing warehouse without physically moving their operations elsewhere.

​​Switching to narrow aisle racking or very narrow aisle (VNA) racking storage configuration allows companies to store more goods and materials per square foot within their warehouse or distribution centers. This involves narrowing the aisles and going higher with your pallet racking to allow for maximum storage capacity and efficiency. Today, many warehouse managers turn to narrow-aisle racking or very narrow aisle racking storage solutions better to use their existing or new facility’s storage space.

Very narrow aisle racking systems can be as narrow as 64″-78″, depending on the equipment used. Standard aisles typically span 108” to 144″, so several feet of space can be saved easily per aisle.

But Why install Very Narrow Aisle Systems?

1. Indoor and Outdoor Operations

The Very Narrow Aisle UAE is custom-built to stand heavy-duty use inside and out with superior ergonomics & visibility. It can operate on any floor surface, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment to load and unload your product. As a result, many operators like the ability to easily drive this forklift into various nooks and corners of the warehouse or yard, handling multiple jobs without any hassles.

2. Manages Loads in Smaller Spaces

Another significant advantage of VNA systems is that it is perfect for high-density warehouses where efficiency is key. It is smaller, more maneuverable, and optimized for smaller warehouses spaces where heavy stock must be moved from every available space in your warehouse. Moreover, it also facilitates and enhances a more clutter-free and generally spacious warehouse environment.

3. Higher Reach and Load Capacity

The VNA system can reach heights of up to 15 meters and can lift heavy loads with no hassles. Thus, its sleek structure and build do not impede its weight-lifting capacity; instead, its ability to easily load and unload heavyweight goods makes it a popular choice for warehouses looking for long-term storage solutions.

4. Wise Long-Term Investment for Warehouses

The VNA system is made specifically to help create a safer, faster-operating warehouse. Very Narrow Aisle UAE is well-constructed with a body and chassis that is durable and strong, which provides a warehouse with the same quality of service for a long period.

5. Increased Warehouse Capacity

A VNA system combined with expert warehouse planning means more space for goods, thanks to narrower, taller aisles. One system can increase your warehouse capacity by more than 50% compared to the standard ones, allowing you to overcome the issue of the cost involved in expanding or moving to a new warehouse when space becomes tight and can hit a company’s bottom line.

Very Narrow Aisle Dubai, UAE

Overall benefits of Very Narrow Aisle UAE

  • Significantly improved space utilization – more pallets in less space
  • Reduced cost per square foot or cost per pallet stored
  • Eliminate the need for offsite storage
  • Avoid building expansions
  • Gain direct access to all pallet locations
  • Decreased pallet rack damage
  • Improved forklift productivity

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