How Do Beach Cleaning Machines Work?

beach cleaning machine

With ever-increasing tons of plastic and debris deposited in the beaches all over the world, beaches are now becoming a health hazard not only for marine biodiversity but also for us humans who use the beach recreationally.

It’s time to clean up the coast with beach cleaning machines and make it spotless once again. The need of the hour is to have a professional beach cleaning machine capable of cleaning up and sanitizing the beach areas with the minimum effort possible.

What are beach cleaning machines?

Beach cleaners are machines that help remove unwanted materials from beaches and make them usable, clean and visually pleasing for beach-goers. Various beach cleaning machines can effectively remove litter, sharp shells, glass, rock, and excessive seaweed from the beaches.

Beach cleaning machines come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular ones are tractor-towed and powered by a tractor’s hydraulic PTO shaft. Smaller walk-behind models are also manufactured and used for private beaches and sandy areas.

beach cleaning machine

How do beach cleaning machines work?

The robust Kanoo Machinery’s sand cleaning machines are very effective, thanks to their screening technology. The height-adjustable pick-up blade, the robust spring tines, the screening belts and plates available in different mesh sizes ensure that you have the right cleaning device for every kind of application. Broken glasses, plastic bottles, flotsam, seaweed, oil and kerosene can be removed easily and safely with sand cleaning machines.

Our robust beach cleaning machines work by aerating the sand and screening out dangerous debris under the surface, in addition to picking up surface litter. The sand is immediately returned to the beach, while the larger debris is removed, leaving behind a

smooth levelled finish.

For initial passes on an unmaintained beach, a larger screen size (usually 19 mm) is required to remove large debris, as smaller screens mean slower machine operation.

beach cleaning machine

Types of technology used in beach cleaning machines:

  • Raking technology

With the raking technology, the PickUp blade will be lowered to ground level and the tine shaft will rake the sand and waste onto the rotating screening belt. With this technology, beach cleaners can clean very effectively in any wet or rough condition.

  • Screening technology

In the screening technology, the PickUp Blade can be lowered into the sand up to 30 cm and the sand and waste mix will be transported as well onto the rotating screening belt. The screening belt / mesh competently separates waste from sand and the sand effortlessly stays where it belongs.

  • Combined technology

In mixed technology, even the smallest particles of trash, such as crown caps, broken glass or cigarette butts, can be sifted out very effectively. Larger items, such as stones or plastic waste, can also be reliably collected. The cleaned sand falls back to the ground which eventually cleans the sand not only superficially, but thoroughly.

Beach Cleaning Machines near me

Kanoo Machinery has partnered with Beach Tech to offer a wide range of beach cleaning machines to keep beaches all around safe, clean and healthy. With their outstanding cleaning quality, our beach cleaners make an important contribution to combating plastic waste on beaches, as even the smallest pieces of plastic or packaging are reliably removed.

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