Facts About Truck Mounted Crane

Do you ever wonder how beneficial it would be to perform different lifting and material handling tasks if a crane was attached to a truck?

Rest assured, today’s modern lifting technologies already have an option – that of truck mounted cranes. Mobile cranes and truck mounted cranes are two instrumental kinds of construction cranes that play a crucial role in the development of projects and allowing greater efficiency at the same time.

What is a Truck Mounted Crane?

Unlike other types of lifting mechanisms in a construction site, truck mounted cranes are heavy-duty equipment that rely on an internal hydraulic system to hoist and lift heavy loads. They are set on wheels to make way for greater mobility on the job site. Truck mounted cranes typically have an enclosed cab for the operator, set on a steel base, and a long telescopic boom that can be articulated or fixed, depending on each project’s specific construction needs.

The fluid-filled systems enable the lifting machine to lift and transport heavy objects such as shipping containers, concrete, bricks, metal frames, and even crane pieces. Most of these objects are generally beyond the scope of almost all the other lifting mechanisms on a construction site.

Truck Mounted Cranes

Essential parts of a Truck Mounted Crane:

Jib or pulley – This is the grid structure that extends a telescopic boom’s length.

Outriggers – These are retractable supports that give the crane stability and balance by increasing its overall footprint.

‌Counterweights – These are the heavy weights that keep the machine steady during lifts. They’re placed on the back of the cab and further helps reduce the risk of the crane tipping over.

Load Movement Indicator – This is a safety device with a sensor that warns and prevents overload. It lets the operator know when the maximum lifting capacity of the truck mounted crane is reached to avoid crane malfunction and accidents.

Rotex Gear – This element allows the operator to make accurate side-to-side movements during lifts. It’s usually controlled by a joystick controller located inside the operator’s cab.

Two-Gear Pump –  It is a key component that helps to pressurize the hydraulic system and is connected to the hydraulic pistons, pipes, and hoses. It pressurizes the hydraulic fluid needed to generate enough power to lift a load regardless of its weight.

The advantage of choosing Truck Mounted Cranes:

‌Setting up a truck mounted crane takes almost no time. The operator has to drive it to the construction site, extend outriggers, and get the boom ready for the workday, enabling a quick start, in turn leading to a very productive day.

Truck Mounted Cranes

Benefits of truck mounted cranes:

  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Lightweight when compared to larger, less powerful cranes
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Mobile and convenient
  • Compact compared to stationary cranes
  • Enhanced site accessibility
  • Minimized operation cost

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