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Working with an order picker forklift requires a lot of caution and safety measures. Falling from this equipment can cause serious injuries or even fatalities, so taking proper precautions is essential. Employers must provide workers with the necessary training and equipment to ensure their safety while operating the order picker forklift. This article will discuss some essential safety precautions that reduce the risk of falling from an order picker forklift.

Preventive Measures to Reduce or Eliminate Fall Risks

Order picker forklifts have become essential in many industries, but it poses significant fall risks to operators. To reduce or eliminate these risks, several preventive measures can be applied. Below are some of the preventive measures that companies can implement to ensure the safety of their operators.

Proper training and certification for operators

The operator of the order picker forklift should undergo thorough training and certification before operating the equipment. The training should include the safe use of the equipment, hazard identification, and proper procedures to follow in case of a fall. The certification should be renewed periodically to ensure the operator is updated with equipment and safety procedures.

Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment

Order picker forklifts should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they are in good working condition. Any defects or damages should be immediately repaired or replaced. The inspection should include the condition of the harness and lanyards to ensure that they are in good condition.

Use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE)

Operators should wear proper personal protective equipment, such as a harness, lanyard, and hard hat. The harness should be correctly adjusted to fit the operator properly. The lanyard should be attached to the harness and the order picker forklift to prevent the operator from falling.

order picker forklift

Implementation of administrative controls such as clear signage and designated pathways

Clear signage and designated pathways should be implemented to prevent the operator from entering hazardous areas. The pathways should clear obstacles that could cause the operator to trip or fall. Warning signs should be displayed in hazardous areas to alert the operator of potential risks.

Use of Fall Arrest Systems

Fall arrest systems, such as inertia reels or self-retracting lanyards, should be used to prevent the operator from falling. The fall arrest system should be installed and maintained to ensure it functions correctly.

Emergency response plan in case of a Fall

An emergency response plan should be in place in case of a fall. The plan should include procedures to follow in case of a fall, such as how to lower the operator to the ground, who to contact for medical assistance, and how to secure the order picker forklift.

Proper positioning of the forklift before starting work:

Before starting work, the order picker forklift must be properly positioned, and the operator should ensure that the platform is level and stable. The forklift should be operated on a smooth surface.

Awareness of surroundings and potential hazards:

Operators should always be aware of their surroundings and potential hazards, including overhead obstructions, uneven floors, and other workers. They should be cautious at all times.

order picker forklift


Ensuring the safety of workers operating an order picker forklift should be a top priority for any employer. The risks order pickers pose to them are significantly reduced or eliminated by implementing the preventive measures we have shared.

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