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What Are the Different Types of Agriculture Tractors?

In agriculture, a tractor is a tool or machine that people use to plow and loosen the soil. However, agriculture tractors are not only used to plough the land. There are different types of agriculture tractors designed according to the different agricultural needs.

An agriculture tractor is a heavy piece of equipment. It is a vehicle that has a specific design for high traction at low speeds. The tractor is a pivotal farming machine that mechanizes farming tasks like planting, tillage, plowing, etc.

In this Kanoo Machinery blog, we will uncover the different types of tractors and unveil the applications and the benefits that they have in store.

agriculture tractor

Let’s dive right in.

1) Utility Tractors:

Utility tractors exist for general-purpose tasks like ploughing and adding another type of equipment through its drive. These types of tractors can perform multi-functions and are ideally used for landscaping and farming.

The other tasks performed by this agricultural tractor include pulling farm equipment like tillers, harvesters, threshers, hay-cutters, and more. Some of the prominent players in supplying utility tractors are Massey Ferguson and Sitrex.

2) Row Crop Tractors:

The use of this tractor is clear from the name itself. It is utilized in farms wherein crops have to be planted in rows. This kind of tractor is an all-rounder machine. It is used for meeting agricultural demands like ploughing, harvesting, leveling, harrowing, pulling seed drills, etc. The row crop tractors have many advantages like greater ground clearance, good row spacing, easy steering moves, quick and easy implementation, etc.

agriculture tractor

3) Industrial Tractors:

These agricultural tractors also serve industrial purposes other than agricultural ones. Previously, industrial tractors were also called tuggers. Industrial tractors are mainly used for pulling heavy loads and are fitted with cranes to lift the weights. The technical machine design differentiating point is these tractors have drawbars instead of three-point linkages.

4) Garden Tractors:

These agricultural tractors are best for gardening work. This includes cutting the grass, making the flower bed, etc. They are designed and constructed in small sizes. Garden tractor’s engine power ranges from 1 to 10 HP, and nowadays it extends up to 20 HP.

5) Rotary Tillers:

These are walking-type agricultural tractors used in small fields on the hill where the fields are at different heights. Other ordinary types of equipment don’t go along with this kind of tractor. They come with blades that are also used for setting seedbeds on the farm.

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